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Posted: Sunday 24 July, 2016 at 3:53 PM

An open letter to the Commissioner of Police

Timoy Henry
By: Sarah Harbeck

    Dear Commissioner,


    I have lived in St. Kitts for over a year now as a medical student. I am forever grateful to this beautiful island and the friendly people who make this island what it is. However, I cannot ignore the gross injustice being done to Mr. Timoy Henry by the police department. 


    Here is a fine, young man who was wrongfully shot by one of your own, and he is getting a measly $5,000 for his treatment. Where is your humanity? The role of a police officer is to keep citizens safe. Frankly and quite sadly, you are failing in the case of Mr. Henry. 

    Mr. Henry brings nothing but positivity to St. Kitts, as exemplified by his incredible athletic achievements. He will completely lose the use of his arm (not to mention his livelihood as a painter) without your financial assistance that the police department owes him. 

    He needs extensive treatment, meaning in order for him to gain full function of his arm, he needs to be sent to the United States or Canada for healthcare. It is clear that $5,000 will not be enough. 

    Think about the simple but common lesson that we teach children: if you commit a wrong against someone, you do everything in your power to make it right. What example are you setting as a commissioner by ignoring the injustice that your department has committed against an innocent man? 

    Please do me a favor. For one moment, imagine your life without one of your arms. Keep picturing it. This is what lies ahead for Mr. Henry unless you act, and act quickly. He does not have much time before he fully loses his arm. The people of St. Kitts are looking to you right now to do the right thing. Please do not let them down. 

    Most Sincerely, 
    Sarah Harbeck

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