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Posted: Sunday 11 September, 2016 at 10:15 AM

The best is yet to come!

Bertram Charles

    Scripture: John 2: Verse 10 


    There was a wedding in Canaan of Galilee. In attendance was Mary the mother of Jesus. It appears that Mary was related to the bride and bridegroom in that she, Jesus, his brethren and his disciples were invited to the wedding.  

    Jesus, in accepting the invitation, showed his humility in not scorning his poor relatives but graced them with his company at the wedding feast to rejoice with them.  

    Whenever Jesus is present, something good will and must happen.  

    During the celebration of the wedding feast, the wine was all gone. The wine did not run short because the guests had gobbled down all of it and were drunk. The wine was all gone because the poor family could not provide enough for all of the guests. When the word went around that all of the wine was finished, Mary, a friend and relative became concerned about the family’s dilemma. Mary was troubled about the embarrassment, the shame and the disgrace her relatives faced.  

    The wedding incident would lead to whispering, gossiping, mocking and all kinds of remarks about the marriage and the wedding. The talk of the town would be all about the husband and wife. They did not even have the money to buy more wine during the wedding feast.  

    Mary turned to Jesus to assist the wedding couple out of their predicament. Jesus is always present in the time of need. He is always on time to supply our necessities.
    Mary knew of the power of Jesus to do miracles even though He had not publicly performed any. Mary pondered and relived the wonderful words when the angel told her about her divine conception; the glad tidings of peace and joy by the shepherds; by Simeon and Anna and Christ being the Messiah. Mary believed that Jesus could do something to help the bride and bridegroom. She not only believed but she had faith and was obedient to what Jesus said or did.

    “Whatever He says to you do it,” said Mary to the servants. Do it without any reservations: do it without any murmurings; do it without any questions; do it without doubting; do it without delay; do it trusting Jesus.  

    They obeyed Jesus and the water was turned into wine. The ruler of the feast was so busy trying to fix the problem that he did not see the miracle. When he saw wine being served, and tasting it he scolded the bridegroom for keeping the good wine for last.  

    With man it is customary to serve the good wine first to the guests and the worst wine for last, but God’s way is not man’s way. God always has the best reserved for us. 
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