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Posted: Thursday 15 September, 2016 at 1:35 AM
By: VonDez Phipps, OPEN Interactive

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts and Nevis (15 September 2016): Open Interactive is pushing beyond the narrow understanding of national development, to ensure that all its streams of work take on a multi-faceted approach to economic impact. 


    The disruptive marketing and media company takes a macroeconomic perspective of national development, focusing on improving and harmonising public governance, private commerce, people empowerment, investment and the mass media. Open Interactive applies media, marketing and technology synergistically to transform economies and nations. Therefore, its model for measuring economic impact takes a comprehensive view beyond the simple public/private divide, which ensures that development at the national level is far-reaching and sustainable.


    Public Sector


    The public sector has a massive impact on the productivity performance of a nation.  When productivity is measured in the same way as it is in the private sector, work performed is considered against real output. e-Goverment and business process engineering are used to streamline and measure the delivery of goods and services, and as a result they increase productivity performance.


    Private Sector


    The World Bank and United Nations rank national economies with respect to ‘ease of doing business’.  Economic markets free of undue restrictions, regulation and taxation provide an enabling environment for innovation and enterprise, job creation and sustained national development. When the public and private sectors are aligned, prosperity follows.  




    Citizens, families and communities are central to this economic impact model. Development at the national level offers a higher quality of life, greater levels of prosperity, and safety and stability to citizens, families and communities. When the economic thrust of a government is aligned with and responsive to the needs of its citizens, they become economically and socially empowered. 


    Direct Foreign Investment


    There is a strong relationship between foreign investment and economic growth. Foreign investors pay keen attention to core indicators of governance, peace and security, and the experience of other foreign investors involved in Public private partnerships. They also consider the use of e-Government, the ease of doing business, and the overall quality of life. A nation which consolidates these elements, provides an ideal climate for investment. 


    Mass Media 


    When mainstream media is attuned to a Nation Building Narrative, medium and long term national development targets have greater levels of success. Not only would the media keep the public informed, but it would also point the national discourse in a direction that favours continued development.


    The Bigger Picture…


    There is a tremendous impact when all these drivers of national development are more closely aligned, driven by a collective vision, and in pursuit of a clear national purpose. Open Interactive strives to advance each of these drivers in a way that complements the development and progress in the others. In the medium to long-term, the result is likely to be enriched and sustained national development, which touches every corner and area of the Federation. 


    At OPEN, We EMPOWER. We imagine with intention and create with PASSION.  We elevate life experience and find freedom in our expressions.  We are a MOVEMENT that transcends cultural limitations.  We are a COMMUNITY that believes real POWER resides with the people.  At OPEN, inspired IDEAS ignite new brands.  OPEN is FREEDOM.  Find yours!


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