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Posted: Thursday 15 September, 2016 at 1:45 AM
By: VonDez Phipps, OPEN Interactive

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts and Nevis (15 September 2016): OPEN Interactive is paving the way towards the future of public policy and nation building with its portfolio of OPEN Frameworks—the new, smart solution for sustainable development across various sectors.


    Policy frameworks are a thing of the past! Their linear focus on public content and implementation, has meant that in an age of information, technology and empowerment, they are ill-equipped to set the blueprint for long-term development. An OPEN Framework, however, is designed to harness the latest technologies and best practices to plan for meaningful, sustainable national development.


    OPEN Frameworks are conceptual models of high-level policy intended to nurture a long-term vision, direct decision-making, enhance operations and guide implementation in a specific sector. No longer is development a simple translation of a basic vision into an action plan. Rather, using an OPEN Framework, a nation can fully craft and develop its vision for any area of nation-building through project management features, a branding and marketing boost, supporting technologies and online tools, and in-built monitoring and evaluation indicators. By drawing upon specialist applications of public content, mass media, marketing, and technology, an OPEN Framework provides targeted solutions for sectoral and national problems.


    In February 2016, OPEN Interactive unveiled its first OPEN Framework with the new e-government platform. What began as a single intention of the government to be more transparent, was developed into a multi-faceted experience to stream public content, integrate policy-making, coordinate outputs across various ministries, increase e-participation and radically transform government service delivery. The Federation is now well-positioned to become the only Latin American country with a ‘Very High’ e-government development index score by the United Nations. 


    This is the power of an OPEN Framework. It can ignite and sustain a growing movement around any cause, subject or sector. Through detailed consultation with relevant and key stakeholders, an OPEN Framework is carefully tailored to fit the specific circumstances of that sector or nation. It provides an overarching structure which maps vision and ethos onto quality outcomes, through a groundwork of operational guidelines, the latest sector-specific technologies and the thrust of a custom-built marketing and media narrative.


    Such transformation is also available for other sectors across the Federation, and the region. Over the coming months, OPEN Interactive will roll out its first batch of OPEN Frameworks, starting with its OPEN Framework related to revitalization of the St. Kitts and Nevis CBI programme, to be developed in collaboration with CEO Les Khan of the CIU. Other OPEN Frameworks on ICT Development, Financial Sector Development, Housing, Energy, Water, International Trade, Tourism, Education, Economic Development, Youth Empowerment, will be launched at later dates.


    National problem-solving and national development now have a new smart solution in OPEN Frameworks. They are set to steer the Federation onto a path towards long-term, meaningful development across all major sectors.


    At OPEN, We EMPOWER. We imagine with intention and create with PASSION.  We elevate life experience and find freedom in our expressions.  We are a MOVEMENT that transcends cultural limitations.  We are a COMMUNITY that believes real POWER resides with the people.  At OPEN, inspired IDEAS ignite new brands.  OPEN is FREEDOM.  Find yours!


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