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Posted: Sunday 13 November, 2016 at 4:47 PM

A good soldier of Jesus Christ

Bertram Charles

    Scripture:  2 Timothy 2: Verse 3 


    The soldier of Jesus Christ like the soldier of a nation, must demonstrate and develop certain qualities and attributes to be qualified to be a soldier. 

    Some of these qualities are as follows: 

    (1) DISCIPLINE: Discipline is the teaching, learning, training, and instructing to develop self-control and control of the soldier. 

    (2) LOYALTY: The soldier must fight according to the rules; according to that which he became as the Lord’s servant and conform to the Will of God. He must bear true faith and allegiance to God.  

    (3) DUTY: The soldier must fulfil his obligations. It is the duty of the soldier of the Cross to train as well as to fight. He must devote himself entirely to the soldier’s life. To carry out his duty; he must labour; he must endure hardship; vexation; difficulty; sorrow and pain.  

    (4) SELFLESS SERVICE:  The soldier of the Cross must put God’s work before his own. The soldier in warfare cannot entangle himself with worldly affairs. He separates from his family.  He must be free from every hindrance so that he could please God, the One who called him to bear arms. No one in combat entangles himself with the cares of civilian life. He must endure and abstain from all hindrances which might hinder his fighting. His desire is to please the Captain. He is totally committed to attend to military exercises and warfare and to the orders of the Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ.  

    (5) COURAGE: The soldier must be willing to endure pain; suffering; affliction; injury; imprisonment and even death for the sake of Jesus Christ, the Commander-in-Chief, and for the Gospel.  

    (6) WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD: After the discipline, training, loyalty, duty, courage, selfless service, the soldier is ready for combat. He must put on the whole armour of God in spiritual warfare. He must be dressed for battle. He must equip himself with the helmet of salvation; he must equip himself with weapons, the sword of the spirit; (The Word Of God) he must be dressed with a breastplate of righteousness; the shield of faith and shod with boots. 

    As believers, we are all soldiers of the Cross. We are in the Lord’s Army. No weapon that is turned against us shall succeed. We are more than conquerors. Thanks to the Company Commander and the Commander-in-Chief  who gives us the Victory.  
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