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Posted: Friday 29 May, 2009 at 8:57 AM

Guyanese national gets three years for larceny

Jevon Fraser on his way to his new residence
By: Sharlene Martin, SKNVibes

    CHARLESTOWN, Nevis – CRADDOCK ROAD resident Jevon Fraser, who is also a native of Guyana, was on Tuesday (May 26) sentenced to three years imprisonment for larceny committed on a dwelling house.


    Magistrate Yasmin Clarke heard at the Charlestown Magistrate’s Court how the Schiwamber family left their house on April 15 and, after receiving call from a family member, returned home to find that a laptop belonging to Ahaimaj Schiwamver was missing. Also missing was his silver ring and penknife along with a cell phone that belongs to one of the brothers.


    One of the brothers testified that the defendant came to the house earlier and asked for a glass of water, and after giving him the water both the defendant and Steve Schiwamber left the home.


    Police officer George told the court that he went in search of the defendant and met him in Cotton Ground. George said that he saw the defendant giving someone some cash from his pocket and while doing so a knife fell and he was arrested and taken to the Charlestown Station where he was questioned about the missing items. The defendant, in his statement, told the police that he bought the knife in St. Kitts and he sold the laptop to Andrew Simon for $1 000 because he could not afford $1 500. Ahaimaj was invited to the station to identify the knife and he acknowledged it as the one missing.


    Simon denied buying anything from the defendant. He told the court if someone tried to sell him a laptop so cheaply he would not buy it, because he would know that it was stolen or something was amiss.


    Despite his not guilty plea, the defendant, after hearing the evidence before him, accepted responsibility for the laptop and the knife.


    Magistrate Clarke told the defendant that if he brought back the laptop his sentence would be reduced. The defendant was escorted by two officers to look for the laptop but returned in less than five minutes because he had no idea of where it was.


    Frazer was spared deportation by the Magistrate because his family members are naturalized citizens of Nevis.


    In the same court, a 16-year-old male juvenile appeared to answer traffic charges which included driving without license and insurance, driving without care and attention and using a vehicle without permission by the owner. He was fined $500 for each charge, and must pay up in six months or spend one month in prison. His mother, who was present in court, asked the magistrate to order him some strokes. The Magistrate obliged and the juvenile was ordered 12 strokes.


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