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Posted: Tuesday 27 December, 2016 at 10:00 AM

My LIAT Experience

By: Patricia, Press Release

    Dear Editor,


    Overall it's frustrating to travel with the only airline that runs routes in the Caribbean especially from St. Kitts to Guyana. Even if I use another airline, I still have to go to Antigua with LIAT and then take Caribbean Airlines to get to Guyana, since there are no other options leaving St. Kitts to get to Guyana.

    Flight times are always late as they say the initials LIAT means Land In Any Time.

    Travelling from St. Kitts to Guyana means disembarking in Antigua and Barbados before arriving at my destination. On all my trips, I have experienced delayed flights, no luggage and was placed in hotels without any luggage for more than 2 days.

    Luggage always in my travel experience from 2009 to present arrives late and frustrating especially when arriving in St. Kitts. You have to find your own transportation and cost to pick up your luggage in St. Kitts and that means checking everyday to find out if it arrives. 

    The LIAT staff at St. Kitts is the worst, they will never let you know if your luggage has arrived and they will never drop it at your home or compensate you if you are here on holiday.

    As for the airfare, it is ridiculous to pay from US $350 to US $600 to travel ONE WAY from St. Kitts to Guyana especially peak seasons - Easter, Summer and Christmas. One can only travel those times when they have children.

    LIAT gives you 24 hours to make a booking and pay, so if you don't have all the money to pay within 24 hours, you are not travelling.

    They do not have any payment plans available to pay in parts and you have no rewards to receive if you are a frequent flyer like free miles etc.

    As for snacks and food it's a NO. Only service on my route available from Antigua to Guyana and vice versa and that is water, tea or coffee and soda. If children are on board and they have enough you will be given a small pack of Shirley biscuit as of 2016.

    The latest rule is after checking and clearing through each terminal and you are carrying water you will have to drink it or throw it away. More income for airports but for the traveller going through 3 different countries it's frustrating. I can't afford to purchase water at St. Kitts airport, Antigua airport, Barbados airport before I arrive in Guyana and vice versa.
    Also when LIAT arrives late and you have to take a connecting flight, you have to disembark, run through checking and run back to the runway to board to continue your flight while all the time hearing on the PA system "passengers en route this is your final calling", and I do mean they have you running or walking extremely fast. 

    I can't understand if you have airport security, why intransit passengers have to go through so much security checks?

    I wish other airlines and permission granted by other countries for flights to stop in their countries would be granted. For too long LIAT has monopolised the airline industry and stipulated too many rules and regulations, and because persons and I have no other choice, we are forced to use LIAT.
    Frequent Flyer



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