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Posted: Thursday 12 January, 2017 at 7:28 AM

Depart in peace

By: Bertram Charles, Commentary

    Scripture: Luke 2: Verse : 29 


    According to the law of Moses in the Book of Leviticus, Mary was unclean for seven days after she gave birth to Jesus Christ and she continued for thirty-three more days in the blood of her purifying. After the completion of her forty days of her purification, Joseph and Mary left Bethlehem and went to the temple in Jerusalem to present the child Jesus to the Lord, to be consecrated and redeemed and to offer her sacrifice.  

    Mary could not afford a lamb for her sacrifice and she brought two turtledoves. She did not beg, borrow, steal or do anything improper to obtain a lamb. She did not covet others who had their young lambs at the temple for sacrifices. She did not let her poverty keep her from going to the temple to make her sacrifice and to present the child Jesus to the Lord. She pondered the recent past and she was satisfied with the current state of affairs. Mary did not complain or blame anyone as she and Joseph offered a sacrifice according to the requirement of the Law of the Lord. 

    When Joseph and Mary went to the temple in Jerusalem to offer their sacrifice, there was a man named Simeon. Simeon was a just and devout man. He lived a holy life. He feared God and avoided evil. He was righteous before man and devout towards God. He was waiting in the temple, hoping to see the Messiah, the Comforter to comfort them that mourn. In an extra-ordinary way, the Holy Ghost was upon him because of his devoutness to God. He understood the prophets of the Old Testament and by divine revelation he knew that the time of the coming of the Messiah was at hand. The Holy Spirit also revealed to him that he should not taste death and that he should not die before he had seen the Lord. 

    The same Spirit of God that revealed to Simeon that he should not die before he had seen the Messiah with his bodily eyes brought him into the temple at the exact time and at the right place when Joseph and Mary brought Christ into the temple to present Him before the Lord and to comply with the Law.   

    Simeon in a rapture of joy and excitement, took the child Jesus out of the arms of Mary into his own, embracing Jesus with all respect and reverence, blessed God, praised Him, gave glory to Him for His great goodness in sending the promised Messiah. Simeon acknowledged Christ as His Lord and he requested of the Lord that he might depart in peace according to the Word.  

    He was now ready to die having obtained all that he could wish for and desire, in seeing and embracing the Saviour, God’s Salvation. Simeon expressed death by a departure out of this world and his entrance into eternity with the greatest calmness and tranquillity of mind, having nothing to disturb him, because all of his desires were accomplished.
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