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Posted: Thursday 16 February, 2017 at 9:52 AM

Five e-Gov’t mobile apps placed at consumers’ fingertips

By: Terresa McCall,

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – IN fulfillment of another part of the Government of National Unity’s vision to provide easy access to government-based information, five mobile applications were placed at the fingertips of users yesterday (Feb. 15).


    The applications – which were created by Open Interactive – are, the Crime Prevention App, the SKN Shopper App, the SKNIS News App, the Government Directory App and the National Events App. 


    Chaired by Open Interactive’s Stachio Williams, the launch, attended by scores of technocrats, diplomats, business officials, students and other members of society, offered much insight on the functionality of the tools and the information they offer.


    Demonstrations were given by representatives of the appropriate government departments as well as members of the Open Interactive team.


    And as a supplement to that information, attendees were invited to pose questions and or share suggestions on how these apps can be improved.


    With the launch of the 1.2 versions of the mobile apps, Williams explained that is room for them to be updated as it becomes necessary.


    The SKN Shopper App


    This application – information for which falls under the ambit of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs - bring to the fingertips of users, information which they would have otherwise had to gather by visiting supermarkets across the Federation.


    The app pools prices from the major supermarkets in St. Kitts and Nevis and allows consumers to make price comparisons, perform searches and it even has a “My List” feature which makes the experience more personalized.


    The SKNIS News App


    When this app is opened, the most current press releases issued by the St. Kitts-Nevis Information Service are prominently displayed followed by the others in a descending sequence.


    Any information published by SKNIS would be found on this app. It is expected that this tool will reinforce the Government’s brand by increasing visibility, will allow for the government and its clients to easily engage and will significantly reduce communication costs.


    The Government Directory App


    The hassle of calling Government Headquarters seeking to get the extension of a particular government functionary is virtually eliminated with this app.


    Because it provides the name and contact information of these individuals – including email addresses and telephone numbers – users of the application can simply open it and search for the desired government ministry or department.


    The Crime Prevention App


    This tool provides another avenue for individuals to file reports about crime, without having their identity revealed.


    It allows for the reporting of crime which is ongoing, crime which has been committed or even – for example – if someone might have overheard individuals making plans to commit crimes.


    The app is set so that reports are made anonymously. However, if for some reason the person reporting the crime wants his or her identity revealed, the option to alter the settings, is available.


    The option to upload video or picture content is also available.


    National Events Apps


    Legal aid clinics and other events which the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis would be hosting would be promoted via this tool.


    Both the government and the Open Interactive team were congratulated on their foresight and for their work in seeing this leg of the e-Governance project to completion.


    Attorney General and Minister of Information Technology the Hon. Vincent Byron indicated that telecommunications provider FLOW has committed to wave data charges for use of the Crime Reporting App and the Government Directory App. He said Digicel is also making the same commitment.


    Persons wishing to download the applications can access them through in the e-Gov apps tab located on the bottom right corner of the home page or through the Play Store.


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