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"Social" Media?
Monday, 17 November, 2014
7 Recommends
whineup  *  28-Nov-2014
Pancake man  *  18-Nov-2014
ummmmmmm tell us something we don't know Mr Music LOL LOL LOL
Mr Music  *  17-Nov-2014
Everyone should know by now that all this technology is an "ANTI-SOCIAL NETWORK" to try keeping everyday people from the real problems of life.
Pancake man  *  17-Nov-2014
LG please go eat your lunch... I think you aint thinking straight lol lol
LG  *  17-Nov-2014
PM.. A see you izzA (is that a word??.. lol) man that like hand holding aka directions (which is why you want phone inna bedroom) Okay.. now look to the right of the word Recommend .. See the share you know you can sign in... OR... Get the LG Special and have Toonman call you when he post... LOL (just kidding)
Pancake man  *  17-Nov-2014
Toonman I think you need something to alert people when someone comment... like Facebook lol lol because that GUY just holding up GBaby.... LET HER GO LOL
Pancake man  *  17-Nov-2014
LOL LOL i say nothing else on that matter lol
LG  *  17-Nov-2014
PM a hide de phone cause all that vibrating does..................NEVER
Pancake man  *  17-Nov-2014
Well LG Ms Butterworths had a choice to make, it was either the contacts to get rid of those hideous glasses or a new CELLPHONE so guess which one she picked?? LOL LOL now she will suffer, maybe the phone have an APP to see clearly... OH WAIT... how can I forget VOICENOTES lol lol lol
Pancake man  *  17-Nov-2014
yes guys she is the Cell Phone Nazi, spoil all the fun (Mr LG speaking) lol lol don't forget when we go in the bedroom she hides the phones lol lol hahahhaaha
LG  *  17-Nov-2014
Parents we just have to put our foot down .. No cell phones at the table (breakfast, lunch, dinner), no cell phones during game night and only one ear piece in your ear while you in the house!!!. Call me the "Cell Phone Nazi" if you want!!! I observe the same rule and so does Mr. LG..!!
LG  *  17-Nov-2014
PM when you going buy Mrs Butterworths the contacts she want.. You don't see dem glasses have the woman eye crossing... She texting me say you cheap......Tell Mini-cakes to tek she lip out the air before the get pinch They going stick so.. lol..cut family
Femme Pouvoir  *  17-Nov-2014
Where is the bond? it gone out the door by science and technology because if they can be around and so near to each other at least put aside you gadgets for that few minutes. Even at pray time this happens
Pancake man  *  17-Nov-2014
well sah talk about FAMILY BONDING lol lol lol ... that little girl mouth UP toooooo high, one belt to knock it down hahahahhahaha......but SERIOUSLY?? whatsapp?? Toonman this is true but soooo wrong, family time tradition is going down the drain or gone with TIME & technology LOL
Lioness  *  17-Nov-2014
Welcome to the new world...they not even looking at each other, my word.
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