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Caribbean Parents
Friday, 20 November, 2015
3 Recommends
Kimi Kawaiii  *  7-Jan-2016
XD u carribean ppl are funny whereas most americans are boring
Lioness  *  23-Nov-2015
LOL hmmmm.
whine Up  *  23-Nov-2015
yep i think so too LG
LG  *  23-Nov-2015
Lioness...You have to learn to stick to the topic.. The Toon is about WI parents not being clear about the "Ting"... I guess you are one of those parents!...LOL
Lioness  *  23-Nov-2015
LG and RH done that talk LOL. I don't talk like that often so this doesn't apply to me ^^
G-Baby  *  23-Nov-2015
LMAO ......@LG & RH
LG  *  23-Nov-2015
RH......mine you strain youself!!!.......put dung de big big Ting does have you bawling like "Little Kim"...."oii me neck...oii me back".....bring de other Ting LG dont want that big Ting!!!!
Rough House  *  20-Nov-2015
LG, come on now. I'm so use to giving you the big thing, everything I bring to you is gonna be big. You can just use the big ting and take little at a time, you don't have to use it up all at once from the ting.
LG  *  20-Nov-2015
Big a "teaspoon" a de other ting a does ask for...RH come back wid a "potspoon"....thats not what Dr. Kitchener tell him
Big Fan  *  20-Nov-2015
@ LG...the doctor order more than one ting you know so you have to tell the man if you want the "ting" or the "ting ting"
whine Up  *  20-Nov-2015
oh lardt LG no kill me please a beg O
LG  *  20-Nov-2015
Is just so when a tell RH to "Gimme de Ting what the doctor order me"....he sauntering around looking confused.
Hotta  *  20-Nov-2015
boy yain hear de tin next to de tin he acting like he don't know
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