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Life In The Igloo #3
Tuesday, 9 February, 2016
3 Recommends
LG  *  15-Feb-2016
Jill....that is Rose lol...she and Jack is having dinner.
Jill  *  13-Feb-2016
Hey, wait a minute, what's going on here?
Hotta  *  12-Feb-2016
well PM a who and you hope no me you mean enuh
LG  *  12-Feb-2016
PM are you implying that you are a Criminal? lol. There are all kind of lawyers, but you went straight for the Criminal ones.... LOL (wiping my head...Phew he almost blew my cover)
pancake man  *  12-Feb-2016
heeyyyyy cum off mi case,.. wha u be, de lawyer??? if so go across the courthouse because they need more criminal lawyers lol lol
Rose  *  12-Feb-2016
The thought did cross my mind about whether or not it was the same Jack but i checked. My Jack is cuter, not as clumsy and romantic...ooooohhhh, so romantic.
Hotta  *  11-Feb-2016
lolol Rose i hope aint Jill Jack you talking bout and playing smart bout Titanic cause Jill is a member of Toonville now so she will find you
Rose  *  11-Feb-2016
Good for him.
LG  *  11-Feb-2016
Rose  *  11-Feb-2016
Lol (laughing). Nar, TM is all yours. Jack is the only man for me. No one can replace him.
LG  *  11-Feb-2016
Lol...well just mek sure you dont confuse "MY TOONMAN" for your done have een my'bout wearing only on wid you bad self, but put on clothes when you visiting nekkid comments
Rose  *  11-Feb-2016
Lol. I'm taking care of it indeed. People think I dropped it to the bottom of the ocean. Helll Noo! Why would I do that? It's in my secret place. I still remember when Jack drew me wearing it...wearing only I like a man who can that can demonstrate his artistic and creative abilities...that's why I like Jack.
LG  *  11-Feb-2016
(smiling) ..Okay take care of that Le Cœur de la Mer (smiling).. .Yes I'm a very inquisitive person.. (some call it f@ars) ...LOL
Rose  *  11-Feb-2016
@LG. You know what they say about curiosity and yes, I am actually talking about the Titanic. I'll never forget that cold, freezing night when I told Jack, "I'll never let go". Boy was I wrong!
LG  *  11-Feb-2016
@ Rose... Are you talking about the Titantic??.. Curious about your response...
pancake man  *  11-Feb-2016
Rose  *  11-Feb-2016
I'm staying away from this one. The last time I saw a piece of ice that big...oooohhh, problems!
LG  *  10-Feb-2016
You dont have to sing..just ask your fearless leader these questions.... "should we abandon ship, or should we stay on it and perish slow ...we dont know...we dont know ....RH you tell we what to do"...(now start crying)...since you aint singing or laughin....tehehehe...
pancake man  *  10-Feb-2016
im not even laughing or singing to y'all tuneeeeeeeeeee
cavelle  *  10-Feb-2016
LG we have him where we want him(call no name get no blame)
LG  *  10-Feb-2016
Pm.. A dedicating two songs to you...........1) ...and the "Cheese" Stands ALONE...LOL...2) Captain the ship is SINKING...... LOL (in my sinister voice)
pancake man  *  10-Feb-2016
reallly now Cavelle... me nar study u nor LG
Hotta  *  10-Feb-2016
And BTW you BF and PM seems to be inlowe so am assuming thats yall frozen in time lolol
Hotta  *  10-Feb-2016
lolol Hotta like to call names am so good at it cause i know i wont go to jail hahaaa
LG  *  10-Feb-2016
Yes Cavelle.. A glad you see for yourself (lol).. A hope PEE HEM (so me no call or type name) the last line of what RH say real good... But let me repeat it..... "DURING THIS TIME".... BIG BIG Red Flag.. Meaning.. After the potential Hostile Takeover.. A dun wid you!...Ha Ha
cavelle  *  10-Feb-2016
LG it look so me arm PM that what you doing shame on you
Rough House  *  10-Feb-2016
LG, PM and I are focused on one thing and that is taking out Toonman. You won't be able to turn us against each other during this time.
LG  *  10-Feb-2016
And since you want tark bout calling name a goin put a little wrench in you bro love with RH...i seem to remember on the last igloo toon you PM...yes was adamant that polar man (see Pm again)...was RH!!!!''''mmm name now....loll.
LG  *  10-Feb-2016
Before you two could say good morning and wipe crust out you eye are get up a cuss....bad deeds have you me call you name?.....what if a talking bout de Prime Minister or the Police Man? A you one have initials...a initials me people...whey de Toonville judge...a need a
pancake man  *  10-Feb-2016
LG u too dont call me name or type it.... thats not me
pancake man  *  10-Feb-2016
thats not me Hotta... mind mind stop calling/typing my name /.... dat nuh me (watching u bad)
Big Fan  *  10-Feb-2016
Hotta it seems to me like you "LOVE" Big Fan name...that's not me...this igloo family around before I made my debut in toonville
LG  *  9-Feb-2016
Lioness Shhh.. A does try to fly under the radar with those comments...LOL... Cavelle my dear... That is your very own PM... He don't know where else to run and hide from RH... That's the same person that was over there in Nevis talking bout he plane that bad wig
Lioness  *  9-Feb-2016
LG i done see you will reach on the naughty list this yr cause you aint easy lol.
cavelle  *  9-Feb-2016
what's up with all that facial hair hmmmm
LG  *  9-Feb-2016
He's trying to woo her with a "Frozen C0cktail"..............I will say no her look is priceless... lol
Hotta  *  9-Feb-2016
well wait dey so longgggg she water break this chileeee aint born yet? e freeze up there nuh? i well want see what PM & Bigfan Igloo baby looks like
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