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Living A Double Life
Saturday, 11 June, 2016
2 Recommends
Lioness  *  14-Jun-2016
LG you right LOL.
Rose  *  14-Jun-2016
@LG. Lol.
LG  *  13-Jun-2016
Lioness.. They are "Impressionist Con Artist" in training. My son only wash dishes and clean his room when his friends coming... (that's why I downgraded his room.. A made him switch and give the bigger room to his sister) He went from Windows 2.0 to closet space 1.0..! ley he tek that!
Lioness  *  13-Jun-2016
I've witnesses this. This little boy is such an angel around me but is completely different with the folks he lives with. ut they have him spoiled that's why.
LG  *  13-Jun-2016
I don't know.. I think it's only when they go out that they demonstrate what they've been taught.. (which is what we want them to do providing its good manners). When they are at home they are in their comfort zones and act like little demons and why they does want to bring de devil out of me.. It takes a lot of pinching and punishment behind the scenes for them to act like angels outside!..So..
whine Up  *  11-Jun-2016
Miss NB the toon is correct and you are also correct, my daughter is almost 2 and she's such angel outside the home that she doesn't even go off around ppl she dont know
Miss NB  *  11-Jun-2016
I think you have this the opposite. children are angels when they are home but devils when they are at school or in the square or out elsewhere.
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