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Next Level Over Protection
Monday, 25 July, 2016
2 Recommends
LG  *  26-Jul-2016
LOL.... Hotta is "Gone With The Wind Fabulous"..LOL.. Okay gyurrl... Just Twirl...LOL... Hotta aka Kendra.. Real Housewife of Toonville... LOL
Hotta  *  26-Jul-2016
am more like the calm after the storm kinda gal....sms... when i become silent that's when the storm is over i will be gone with the wind
LG  *  26-Jul-2016
Cool and calm before the storm a woman plotting and scheming for you...... she look cool and calm... (personally speaking...) Hotta you've heard the term... "Quiet Storm" right?.... Well okay!
Hotta  *  26-Jul-2016
ikr LG...but she looks more cool and calm to me and then again maybe she can only track him if she home....its her son tho
LG  *  26-Jul-2016
Hey ladies.. I first thought it was her husband, but the title has "Over Protection" so I'm wondering if its her son?.. LG confused too...LOL... All I can see is that she's all dressed up and a siddung in a house a worry about where somebody is!... Lady you are too dressed to stress!.. Hit the road/mall/waterfront and impress...LOL
whine Up  *  26-Jul-2016
lolol yes Lioness she tracking his every move...well well i could only imagine what she did to her husband
Lioness  *  26-Jul-2016
Ok I don't really get this one Did she plant a tracking device in his head or something? LG help me with this plz.
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