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   st. kitts customs department   

    The St. kitts and Nevis Customs Department is a Government agency with the responsibility of protecting the country from potential risks arising from international trade and travel, while facilitating the legitimate movement of people and goods across our borders.


    What They Do :


    • Assessing and collecting Customs duties, excise duty & other taxes on imports.
    • Processing passengers and their baggage, cargo and mail.
    • Protecting businesses against illegal trade.
    • Enforcing import and export restrictions and prohibitions.
    • Collecting accurate import and export data.
    • The assessment and collection of Customs Revenue on commodities imported or exported.
    • Institution and formulation of tax policies under Customs and Excise Laws.
    • Boarding and clearing of vessels entering and departing our waters.

    Management Team


    • Comptroller of Customs - Mr. Rodney Harris
    • Deputy Comptroller - Mr. Georid Belle
    • Assistant Comptroller - Enforcement - Mr. Kennedy De Silva
    • Assistant Comptroller - Office of Strategic Development - Miss Launlia Archibald
    • Assistant Comptroller - Training - Mr. Theodore Brown
    • Assistant Comptroller - Port Operations - Mr. Keithley Hendrickson
    • Assistant Comptroller - Administration - Mr. Reginald Walters
    • Assistant Comptroller - Audit/Risk Assessment - Mr. Jomo Butler
    • Assistant Comptroller - Enforcement Operations - Mr. Jevon Gumbs
    • Admin/Research Assistant - Mr. Akim Galloway

    Vision Statement


    We envision becoming a leading organization through our core values, being flexible to change, embracing new innovations and concepts and investing in our most essential resource through continual training and staff development. We will implement strategies to promote public outreach and achieve business results.


    Mission Statement


    We will serve our citizens, collect and protect all our revenues with fairness, effeciency and integrity and enforce compliance laws at our borders.




    Strong Values in an Organization lead to better decision-making and increased trust between management, staff and stakeholders. They also enable organizations to become leaders in their undertakings.
    Integrity : we will operate as a highly ethical Department with a clear set of demonstrated values, which are practiced by all officers. We will choose right over wrong and act in a way that brings honour upon customs.


    • Inclusiveness : we will embrace diversity, value differences and develop services, which enact these principles.
    • Responsiveness : we will monitor our service delivery strategies and customer needs closely to predict the changes required to continue to meet expectations.
    • Accountability : in all our dealings we will take responsibility for our actions and we will undertake to deliver our services or obligations as promised.
    • Fairness : we will act civilly and impartially to all, with actions and decisions that are balanced, bias-free and sensible.
    • Service : we will perform our duties in a competent, professional and courteous manner.
    • Pride: we will believe in our mission and work towards achieving it. 






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