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Legal ( 15 Items found )
Legal Aid Clinics for September, 2016    Legal 

The St. Kitts-Nevis Legal Aid and Advice Centre will be holding the following Legal Aid Clinics from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

 Posted: September 05, 2016 
Legal Aid Clinics    Legal 

The St. Kitts-Nevis Legal Aid and Advice Centre will be holding the following Legal Aid Clinics from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

 Posted: June 28, 2016 
Illegal Land Mining    Legal 

The Department of Physical Planning and Environment (DPPE) has observed an increase in the incidence of illegal sand mining in the areas of Keys Beach and La Vallee. The Development Control and Planning Board wishes to remind the general public that in accordance with the provisions of the National Conservation and Environmental Protection Act (NCEPA), 1987, it is an offence to remove sand from the beach without an authorized permit granted by the Minister in writing, in such form as the Ministe...

 Posted: May 25, 2015 
Notice of sale of land (2)    Legal 

Notice of sale.

 Posted: March 12, 2015 
Notice of sale of land (1)    Legal 

Notice of sale.

 Posted: March 12, 2015 
Notice of sale of property (2)    Legal 

Notice of sale.

 Posted: March 12, 2015 
Notice of sale of property (1)    Legal 

Notice of sale

 Posted: March 12, 2015 
Court Public Notice    Legal 

The general public is advised that with effect from Friday 6th February, 2015, the Magistrate Court in District B currently held at the Sandy Point Police Station has been relocated to the Dieppe Bay Police Station.

 Posted: February 06, 2015 
Liquor Licence Renewal    Legal 

Date set for Liquor Licence in St. Kitts and Nevis.

 Posted: December 10, 2014 
Liquor License Renewal    Legal 

The Special Petty Session for the granting and renewal of Licenses to sell intoxicating Liquor, Wholesale and Retail, under Section 4 of the Liquor License Act, Chapter 18.21 of the Revised Edition 2002 of the Laws of the Federation as amended by The Liquor License Amendment Act 2007 No.5 of 2007, will be held at the following places on the dates specified:

 Posted: December 24, 2013 
British Honorary Consul    Legal 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to announce to British citizens living in St. Kitts and Nevis, that Ms. Sarah Percival will continue to serve as Honorary Consul.

 Posted: April 17, 2013 
Illegal Sand-mining    Legal 

The Department of Physical Planning and Environment is informing the general public that there is a sand mining procedure and specified days for the mining of both Ghaut and Bay sand.

 Posted: February 12, 2013 
Lighting of Vehicles in the Federation    Legal 

Lighting of Vehicles in the Federation

 Posted: November 09, 2012 
British American Insurance company Limited    Legal 


Please note that we have issued a Notice to Policyholders and Creditors of BAICO with a status update of the Judicial Management, together with the progress that has been made in finding a solution to BAICO&rsqu...

 Posted: October 07, 2011 
Removal of all vending furniture and equipment from the sidewalk    Legal 

Vendors who occupy the sidewalk along the Bay Road opposite KFC, are ask to remove all vending furniture and equipment from the sidewalk and cease all operations in the area by Monday 29th August 2011.

Your fullest cooperation is solicited.


 Posted: August 24, 2011 
St. Kitts Electricity Company Ltd (SKELEC)
Notices & Schedules
#33 SKELEC Electricity supply inter... 13-Sep-2016
#32 SKELEC Electricity supply inter... 05-Sep-2016
#31 SKELEC Electricity supply inter... 29-Aug-2016
#30 SKELEC electricity supply inter... 24-Aug-2016
#29 SKELEC Electricity Supply Inter... 12-Aug-2016
#28 – 8th August 2016 SKELEC Electr... 09-Aug-2016
#1st – 5th August 2016 SKELEC Elect... 03-Aug-2016
#24 – 7th June 2016 SKELEC Electric... 11-Jul-2016
#23 – 30th June 2016 SKELEC Electri... 04-Jul-2016
#22 – 23rd June 2016 SKELEC Electr... 27-Jun-2016
#21 – 17th June 2016 SKELEC Electri... 22-Jun-2016
#20 – 10th June 2016: SKELEC Electr... 13-Jun-2016
#019 – 3rd June 2016 SKELEC Electri... 07-Jun-2016
#018 - 30th May 2016 SKELEC Electri... 30-May-2016
#017 SKELEC Electricity Supply Inte... 23-May-2016
#016 SKELEC Electricity supply inte... 17-May-2016
SKELEC's Dedication Ceremony on Fri... 07-Dec-2015
Early Closure of SKELEC 29-Jun-2015
SKELEC Weekly Maintenance Schedule ... 23-Jun-2015
SKELEC Weekly Maintenance Schedule 03-Jun-2015
Update on Electricity Outage in Nor... 13-Mar-2015
SKELEC's weekly Maintenance Schedul... 10-Mar-2015
SKELEC Closure Notice 13-Feb-2015
SKELEC Weekly Maintenance Schedule ... 02-Feb-2015
Weekly Maintenance Schedule 28th-30... 28-Jan-2015
Your weekly Maintenance Schedule fr... 20-Jan-2015
Emergency Maintenance - Buckley's t... 08-Jan-2015
Outage in Conaree and Half Moon Bay 05-Jan-2015
Notice 22-Dec-2014
SKELEC Weekly Maintenance Schedule ... 01-Dec-2014
SKELEC Weekly Maintenance Schedule 27-Oct-2014
SKELEC Weekly Maintenance Schedule ... 03-Sep-2014
SKELEC Weekly Maintenance Schedule ... 18-Aug-2014
Electricity Service Supply Disruption 15-Aug-2014
SKELEC Maintenance Schedule August ... 11-Aug-2014
Maintenance work schedule for Sunda... 24-Jul-2014
Important notice from SKELEC 11-Jul-2014
SKELEC Weekly Maintenance Schedule ... 30-Jun-2014
Maintenance work scheduled for Mond... 19-May-2014
SKELEC Maintenance Schedule Tuesday... 25-Mar-2014
SKELEC Weekly Maintenance Schedule ... 19-Mar-2014
SKELEC Weekly Maintenance Schedule ... 03-Mar-2014
SKELEC notice 27-Feb-2014
SKELEC Weekly Maintenance Schedule ... 17-Dec-2013
SKELEC Maintenance Schedule October... 23-Oct-2013
SKELEC notice 14-Oct-2013
Electricity Outage in Conaree and S... 04-Oct-2013
SKELEC continues its Customer Infor... 08-Aug-2013
SKELEC Maintenance Update 18-Jul-2013
SKELEC Maintenance Schedule for Jul... 17-Jul-2013
SKELEC Customer Service Department ... 30-May-2013
SKELEC Maintenance Schedule for Wed... 08-May-2013
EMERGENCY Installation & Maintenanc... 17-Apr-2013
SKELEC weekly maintenance Schedule 25-Mar-2013
SKELEC Emergency Schedule Maintenance 13-Mar-2013
SKELEC Outage on the Cayon feeder 07-Mar-2013
SKELEC Schedule Maintenance for thi... 04-Mar-2013
SKELEC Emergency Work Notice 23-Jan-2013
SKELEC is offering all consumers wh... 22-Jan-2013
SKELEC 3 hour electricity interruption 14-Dec-2012
SKELEC Temporary Interruption of Se... 04-Dec-2012
SKELEC Maintenance Schedule startin... 27-Nov-2012
SKELEC Electricity service resumed 21-Nov-2012
SKELEC Press Release 21-Nov-2012
SKELEC 9:20 Update 17-Nov-2012
Electricity Supply Maintenance Sche... 16-Nov-2012
SKELEC Planned Outages - from Monda... 09-Nov-2012
Cancellation of last release 07-Nov-2012
SKELEC upcoming outages 06-Nov-2012
Outage in the Basseterre North Area 22-Oct-2012
SKELEC Public notice 15-Oct-2012
Emergency Maintenance for North Bas... 25-Sep-2012
SKELEC Immediate Release 18-Sep-2012
SKELEC no longer accept water payments 18-Sep-2012
SKELEC apologises for outage 11-Sep-2012
SKELEC Upcoming Planned Maintenance 09-Sep-2012
SKELEC Planned electricity disrupti... 29-Aug-2012
SKELEC Outages for this week 28-Aug-2012
SKELEC announcement on payment and ... 24-Aug-2012
SKELEC Emergency schedule for Frida... 02-Aug-2012
SKELEC Emergency power outage Sched... 01-Aug-2012
SKELEC Recent Electricity Interrupt... 01-Aug-2012
SKELEC Electricity Interruption Sch... 30-Jul-2012
SKELEC Electricity restored at Ottl... 27-Jul-2012
SKELEC Electricity Interuption at O... 26-Jul-2012
SKELEC Restored Outage on Basseterr... 21-Jul-2012
SKELEC Outage on Basseterre Feeder 21-Jul-2012
SKELEC Restoration of Electricity S... 20-Jul-2012
SKELEC Electricity Service Interuption 19-Jul-2012
SKELEC Service Restored 18-Jul-2012
SKELEC Partial Outages 18-Jul-2012
Partial outage on Basseterre North ... 22-Jun-2012
Partial Outage on Basseterre North ... 21-Jun-2012
Street Light Programme continues 21-Jun-2012
SKELEC ‘s Payment Arrangement Plan 21-Jun-2012
Emergency Inspection 13-Jun-2012
SKELEC Emergency Outage 13-Jun-2012
Power Outage 07-Jun-2012
Emergency work to underground cables 04-Jun-2012
Tree cutting exercise continues 01-Jun-2012
Temporary Outages this week 31-May-2012
SKELEC: Scheduled Outages for March... 22-Mar-2012
SKELEC: Meter audit resumes 12-Mar-2012
New Procedure for Electricity and W... 09-Mar-2012
SKELEC: REVISED Scheduled Outages f... 05-Mar-2012
SKELEC Scheduled Outages for March ... 02-Mar-2012
Unscheduled Island Wide Electricity... 20-Feb-2012
SKELEC Scheduled Outages for Feb. 2... 16-Feb-2012
SKELEC Outage Update 01-Feb-2012
Correction to Bills' Due Date 25-Jan-2012
Early Friday Closure for SKELEC 16-Dec-2011
Electricity supply interuption sche... 07-Nov-2011
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