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   about st. kitts carnival   

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    The celebration of carnival in St.Kitts is unique in many ways. It's the only one in the Caribbean that blends the spirit of Christmas with the colorful display of the nation's culture and African heritage.


    Carnival begins officially on Christmas Eve in December and ends on January in the New Year. The unofficial start occurs months before the official time. The carnival season consists of many different activities such as beauty pageants, street jamming, calypso shows, masquerades, mocko jumbies and other traditional folklore.


    Over the years thousands of nationals and visitors alike, have been flocking to the 68 square mile paradise, to party and soak up al the fun and engage in the frolic association with carnival.


    Organizers of the annual event have also found in convenient and economically strategic, to infuse the carnival activities, as an integral part of the island's tourism product. This has apparently been successful, given the huge influx of cruise passengers and other tourist seen on the island in December.


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