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   resume tips   
What is a resume anyway?
What should the resume content be about?
What's the fastest way to improve a resume?
What is the most common resume mistake made by job hunters?
What's the first step in writing a resume?
How do you decide whether to use a Chronological resume or a Functional one?
What if you don't have any experience in the kind of work you want to do?
What do you do if you have gaps in your work experience?
What if you have several different job objectives you're working on at the same time? Or you haven't narrowed it down yet to just one job target?
What if you have a fragmented, scrambled-up work history, with lots of short-term jobs?
What's the best way to impress an employer?
What if your job title doesn't reflect your actual level of responsibility?
How can you avoid age discrimination?
What if you never had any
How far back should you go in your Work History?
How can a student list summer jobs?
What if you don't quite have your degree or credentials yet?
What if you worked for only one employer for 20 or 30 years?
What about listing hobbies and interests?
What about revealing race or religion?
What if your name is Robin Williams?
What if you got your degree from a different country?
What about fancy-schmancy paper?
Should you fold your resume?
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