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A regular savings account requires you to save money on a regular basis, With notice accounts, you can only get your cash by giving notice of your intention to withdraw it. These are great ways of storing money that you may need in a hurry. Fixed accounts are high interest savings accounts which offer the most competitive interest rates but which require your money to be tied up for a specific period of time.
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Account Name
Minimum Maximum
Interest Rate      Notice | Terms Action
Young Leaders $5.00 ---- ---- ----
Leo Plan ---- ---- 3.00% ----
Future Planner $10.00 ---- 3.75% ----

Product information is obtained from independent sources. All rates and products displayed above are updated regularly, however, some of the information posted may not be current because of dynamic market changes. Please note that rates may vary depending on your financial circumstances. All though it is our aim to ensure that all rates are kept current and accurate, we do not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies. We encourage you to verify the rates with the product provider. We do not give financial advice.

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