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Got milk
Friday, 31 January, 2014
11 Recommends
Price Checker  *  5-Feb-2014
pnaydo thats about right for a can of milk these days. We are paying $1.18 - $1.24 per can here in the US. Eggs and cheese gone up too!
explore  *  4-Feb-2014
lol one knock out in a cart and one got a black eye for a tin a milk a cant stop laugh lol omg a just relize d one in d cart she front teeth get knock out lol
pnaydo  *  4-Feb-2014
lmao ROFL by the way is everyone aware that the chines super market in front of K.F.C is selling milk for $3.25 now? OUT OF ORDER
explore  *  4-Feb-2014
lol lol
Look  *  3-Feb-2014
Wa i want know is how he back dem milk so ffast? and where he was when they was fighting? he sure would have get a beating too.
Local Gyul  *  3-Feb-2014
Mr Cartoonist I AM NOT A BRUGGU. You do not have to depict me this way! LOL! See you put me name in you cartoon again. I would not behave this way over 1 can a no name brand milk. Maybe over some Prada's, but not a tin a
SMH  *  3-Feb-2014
lolol....I was gon fling di milk in he back!!...Mek me get a black eye for nttn..
Lady Diva!  *  3-Feb-2014
This is soo true..but now she done bang up the woman for the last tin of milk, the employee with he innocent self come pack the shelf. if i was the woman I woulda give him some blows to
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