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Stop the Bullying part 2...The Breaking Point
Monday, 26 May, 2014
9 Recommends
Local Gyul  *  28-May-2014
@ Hurt & Feelings... They always say that the Tongue is mightier than the sword and leave much deeper emotional scars.. Feelings you are proof that you can turn a negative situation into a positive one. Kudos to you. We need to let our Haters be our Motivators!!!!
Feelings  *  28-May-2014
I remember one time my mom telling me she wished she had aborted me......".tears tears tears". I now have kids of my own and they are the most precious gems I have ever seen Love my kids to death
Hurt  *  28-May-2014
Words hurt so much, they leave you with such emotional scars that stays with you forever. I wish people would be more sensitive to other people's feelings. Great job mr cartoonist. Tear!!!!!!!!!!!!
Local Gyul  *  27-May-2014
@ Sad Situation. I understood the friend to mean... Stand up to the bully..., But it all depends on the individual self esteem how they process the information given to them. We definitely must stay In tuned with our kids. Parents, Family friends, teachers, doctors, counselors. We all have to stay in tuned. Then you have those who are waaayy off the charts like the Cali Kid!
sad situation  *  27-May-2014
words do hurt and its real hard to hold on to life, its really hard, esp if you are young and alone and dont have anyone to speak to about what u are going through, people are mean and ignorant, keep holding on...take control of my life? wrong choice of words to tell someone who is being bullied, if thats a good friend they would be more sensitive. Be alert
Rhyming Time  *  27-May-2014
I ain't never break my rhyme for anything or anyone. But i have to break it for this one. So much to say but so little time. Words do hurt. They cut deep to the core. Life situations may sometimes be difficult and may seem unbearable but hold on. Hold on. Your circumstances are going to change. Things will get better. Just hold on. DON'T JUMP!!! Don't do it. Just hold on. HOLD ON.
Local Gyul  *  27-May-2014
This is a heart wrenching topic, but it needs to be addressed. So thank you Mr. Toonman for highlighting it. @ Suicide in SK.. The more they keep exposing us to the outside world the more the outside world is going to influence our culture! Sad
Suicide in SK  *  27-May-2014
I born in the 80s and from what I observed, Kittitians hardly committed suicide. Only the past few years you seeing this suicide thing being committed by our locals. Our people are becoming influenced by other cultures. I feel like we should stop showing suicide so much as an option for the youths, We really need to get this spirit out the place. i hope the next drawing in this series would be the boy not committing suicide and choosing life.
kittian  *  27-May-2014
we can all sit aside and say what we want but its only who in the kitchen feels the heat. who knows maybe the child aint come from a loving home either so he is just lost. we need to talk to our children and tell them to stop bullying people children. they should put themselves in other people shoes.
G-Baby  *  27-May-2014
ok first thing first like RT say everyone have a different view of the pic they c but to me those don't look like shark they look like big rock an like FP say where there is life there is hope there's so much more things out there that he/we cud live for... i'm sure his mom home waiting for him to come from school but little do she know her prince is out trying to commit suicide (so sad)
Femme Pouvoir  *  26-May-2014
Why should he feeds himself to the sharks and forgetting while there is life there is hope and to go right back there and beat the daylight out of this bully and give him some blows that he will never ever forget
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