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Chikungunya On The Rise
Tuesday, 1 July, 2014
6 Recommends
Whineup  *  2-Jul-2014
Awww Captain K am touch, don't ever stop cuming and please do hi say some more...lolol
LG  *  2-Jul-2014
G-Baby  *  2-Jul-2014
Thanks Captain K we try our best but it has some roach that come around to spoil the show u don't u have any "RAID" LG need sum for d pest she have bothering her LOL
G-Baby  *  2-Jul-2014
Local Gyul  *  2-Jul-2014
G-Baby gyul you right.. A had it as me pet. It was koching up pan me couch nar do nuttin, but when he think he win de lotto and try run wid me money a had to stop him in he tracks. So now he got me up in his craw! A better give him some de money ley he go!...This is not de Kind a biting insect me like! lol
Captain K  *  2-Jul-2014
and to you sergeant at the round table, just stay far from St Pauls lol go to town all you want because there's alot of business places there (not too sure if the hospital have in much blood NUMBER 4 lol lol) , once you aint jump in a country bus to come my way lol lol
Captain K  *  2-Jul-2014
Lol everyday i come on sknvibes just to see what tooncenter have up and what Local Gyul, G-Baby, whine up, Femme Pouvoir and Mix up have to to guys are good, this is my TV show....dont stop commenting, Im telling everyone what great work you guys doing LOL
G-Baby  *  2-Jul-2014
LOL maybe u had it as u pet to so now u get fed up an put it out e no wan go so e keep cuming bk.... plz take bk u pet ain ready to go yet maybe when u take it bk it wont disturb u like tha no more LOL
Local Gyul  *  2-Jul-2014
LOL @ G-Baby.. I'm real sweet uknow! lol .So maybe that's why. I Going have to submit and tek he under me wing!. Lol. Maybe he didn't get enough natures milk! Maybe he suffering from Oedipus Complex. because me no know wha me do he... lol
G-Baby  *  2-Jul-2014
LG u sure u don't have sum kind of bug tracker on u that have d roachy keep cuming?
Mr Music  *  1-Jul-2014
LOL... Number 4 killing me
Femme Pouvoir  *  1-Jul-2014
I am serious with this chick-v as no matter what I use they still around but the neighbour will not cut she yard and another set has more load a junks around and the abandon house on the other side well sa we cant get away invasion of mosquitoes in town. I dont know what resistance they putting up as they are not dying out.
Local Gyul  *  1-Jul-2014
Well tell me Playa.....Since de flit not strong enough ... What other repellent or Anti-Viral Resistant would work best on you? What do Terminex normally treat you with? Inquiring minds want to know!
Local Gyul  *  1-Jul-2014
Its either Chikungunya or Chick-a-Roachie either one they invading ToonCenter Too. A done tell all you buy de Flit. One trying to bite me for days now but a ready for he! He PLAYING wid de wrong one! G-Baby say she spraying, but G-Baby mekking joke cause they still around!
Whineup  *  1-Jul-2014
Mine awu pass me house str8 eh, am not playing, and am very prepared......
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