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Some Bosses...
Tuesday, 22 July, 2014
9 Recommends
Local Gyul  *  23-Jul-2014
A think toonman was trying to give he boss a hint that he needs a day off. Bossman Toonman needs a day off and a not talking bout Saturday and Sunday. Please give the hardest working artist in town a day off.. Thank You
Truth  *  23-Jul-2014
This happens all the time. there are times persons are really sick and we tend to look at things like something always wrong. We did not make ourselves and at the end of the day when we pass on (if it does happen ) we will just be replaced and our family wont even get a card
val  *  23-Jul-2014
wow really boss really
Whineup  *  23-Jul-2014
Lol girl, you know i was just kidding sms
Local Gyul  *  22-Jul-2014
Good for you Peachy. No one needs that kind of abuse! We have to Work hard for the money, so they better treat us right! (now where have I heard that song)... @ Whineup. well I'm too mature for de other ting you wuz tarking
Peachy  *  22-Jul-2014
another time i was sick and i called to let the boss know and i was verbally cursed. eventually I left.
Whineup  *  22-Jul-2014
LG leabe me mind.....Am too old for dem things
Local Gyul  *  22-Jul-2014
Peachy some co workers does tek advantage! A had one that she use up all her vacation days, then sick days, when she find she run outa days she try to call in DEAD! so maybe those are the ones toonman talking about!
peachy  *  22-Jul-2014
Some bosses don't have no compassion and sympathy, once they get their work done. I can recall I was sick once, twice and no time my boss called and even when I returned to work he didn't even asked how I was feeling. Could you imagine that? I don't think I should be working for people like that.
Femme Pouvoir  *  22-Jul-2014
Well it is all in de bossman head as it seems as if he is the one seeing spooks. Some employers and employees do over react at times until eventually it leads to the grave side
Local Gyul  *  22-Jul-2014
But come on bossman, the woman dead! wha he think RIP stand for.. Return In Promptly? He never even turn around to look at de woman! Pregnancy is contagious! that's why she was he never even tun round!
bossman  *  22-Jul-2014
well i agree aid da boss dese employees now a days does tell too much lie to go home when dey step out de office door dey feel better next ting you know they up and down all in cindy a look weave and a go wind shopping and sometimes on boat ride and over de strip a duck and hide and dey suppose to be on sick leave. fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me
Local Gyul  *  22-Jul-2014
Is Margaret a hypochondriac or the boss (he look like Rog from What's happening) lacks Empathy? Either way She reminds of of Whineup trying to get time off for Music Fest and now Nevis C40 celebration! lol
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