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They Never Learn
Wednesday, 13 August, 2014
7 Recommends
EXPLORE  *  19-Aug-2014
Taking Aim  *  15-Aug-2014
@love, ain't all de time the aim gon be on target lol, sometimes a man misses the mark and hits the seat, especially men who are not circumcised. But when you miss the mark and hit the seat, clean it up. Simple as that
Local Gyul  *  14-Aug-2014
He's not a grown man! A grown man would have respect for those around him. Just another man-child looking for an extension of his mother!
love  *  14-Aug-2014
Rough House don't encourage people to do what is wrong if he would haves done what he is suppose to do then she would not be arguing with him its so easy to do just one finger can put the seat down but every day he do the same thing over and over again and then he asking GOD to give him strength and he well know that he is wrong and whats up with the mess he is not a child cant you make a better aim and don't move until you are finish before he left that bathroom he saw the mess but he mean he would leave it for her that's why she is so mad she have to do this every day for a big grown a- - man
gaz  *  14-Aug-2014
and so sayest the lord... let he who desires to use the toilet place the seat in the preferred position... if a mess thou make, then clean up after thyself thou shall do ladies... just shut up and put down the seat,... it's not difficult... I laugh so much at those that fall in... hahahaha and men... either aim better or take a seat... and leave no droplets
Sazon  *  14-Aug-2014
He put it up n he mess it's not hard for him to clean up the mess and put it down after....Just plain Lazy n nasty
Femme Pouvoir  *  14-Aug-2014
Sometimes it is the marriage/living in relationship mentality for us women to always pick up and throw out the trash and to always be cleaning up so when you are tired they find an excuse to do as they like. wait until him want to flojoe and make him sit down right on his own pipi
Shorty  *  14-Aug-2014
Not even put it down but some of dem dont even bother to take it up. This does annoy me so much cuz sometimes u need a good sit down on the toilet and you can't even do that
Nasty  *  14-Aug-2014
The whole 'put down the toilet seat' thing is ridiculous. If I got to pull it up THEN YOU COULD TEK IT DOWN SAME WAY. But he should clean up when he misses for real. That's just nastiness and lack of house training.
Whineup  *  14-Aug-2014
LG welcome back.....strupesss Rough House must be a man, a mean even if he makes a mess clean it up nuh, you not putting it down and a still have to clean up after you....Gosh Mannnnn
Local Gyul  *  13-Aug-2014
They can't steer, angle or point it straight and then you have to clean it! A guess he begging for strength to help him point it in the riight direction!....bout get off his back...he need to get off he couch!
Rough House  *  13-Aug-2014
Get off the man back. I understand he should try his best and not make a mess. However, if he leaves it down and make a mess, you're argument would be, "you can't raise the toilet seat when you're urinating'? He forgets to put it back down and you still make noise. Partner tek off the toilet seat and throw it away or let her put it back on when she wants to use the toilet.
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