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If Doctors go on strike
Friday, 22 August, 2014
6 Recommends
gaz  *  25-Aug-2014
funny thing, they actually practice writing like crab and fowl foot
Kay  *  25-Aug-2014
this one is funny! lol
LG  *  24-Aug-2014
You ever see the way Toonman scribble. Well he's our Toon Doctor. So as long as payroll doing right by Toonman and dont make him have to go on strike.. lol... I need my daily dose of Toons and no Pharmacist can translate the jokes Toonman does give to me. So are you just keep Dr Toonman happy you hear. lol...a done use up all my vacation so a dont have time to come protest in front all you place. Keep my Toon Doctor happy mine.. Just keep him STRIKING his pencil to paper.. lol
Whineup  *  23-Aug-2014
@ LG & PCM....Not only does he not have a face he has NO hands it seems..lolol....He must be a crash dummy...
LG  *  23-Aug-2014
LOL @ Pancake...Dr. Noface / Plastic surgery etc.. LOL.. He have no face and one shoe... Dem a de alien doctors we have down here.. lol
Pancake man  *  23-Aug-2014
LOL LOL HAHAHA i cracking up with laughter, I like the one about the pharmacist lol its a good thing that a pharmacist isn't a doctor or we all be screwed. Dr "Noface" must be specializing in plastic surgery gone bad lol lol
Local Gyul  *  22-Aug-2014
Whineup de man is a Foot doctor.. He only measure up one Foot... LOL.. Me garn..
Whineup  *  22-Aug-2014
Lolol...well dah lil one hands up d highest but he still can't measure up....Lmao
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