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Christmas Cleaning.
Monday, 22 December, 2014
4 Recommends
whineup  *  29-Dec-2014
yes partna a wid you is nasty dey nasty
Pancake man  *  24-Dec-2014
Femme its GBaby got all those garbage outside the house, she too darnn nasty STRRRRUUUUPPPPPEESSSSS she done aint got enough money to buy new things bout she went shopping on VAT DAY poor her,..... LG please talk to her lol lol
LG  *  23-Dec-2014
You see how you RH have me getting wud today while I on me holiday Mr. LG cussing bout his sorrel and ginger beer not set up yet and something bout Rough House and garbage pan street.. Please RH..kip me name out you mouth.. (wink wink)
Rough House  *  22-Dec-2014
LG, no need to hide behind the name Mrs Rough House. You usually put me out and by the time night dust in, we're in bed cuddling and discussing our problems. I Love you to Mrs Rough House (LG).
Mrs Rough House  *  22-Dec-2014
A put out Rough House! Let him, his junk and his Bottom stop in de road!
Bless  *  22-Dec-2014
I can identify with this cartoon
A citizen  *  22-Dec-2014
When you put out you Christmas present boxes all the thieves now know what you have in you house.
Femme Pouvoir  *  22-Dec-2014
Mother work somebody call DE fire truck me no realiase that garbage not only outside at the front but more still in the yard and even on top of the house roof
Femme Pouvoir  *  22-Dec-2014
Out with the old in with the new. Sometimes they do over do it and another time is when they could afford it and another time some too damn nasty. Anyway glad to see that they are doing some cleaning
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