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Scars For A Lifetime
Thursday, 19 March, 2015
2 Recommends
juicy fruit  *  23-Mar-2015
Am I the only one seeing " your mom " on this?
LG  *  23-Mar-2015
Well according the "Gospel of Femme"..he has names tattooed where you carnt see (I aint talking bout his back)... So look that's where I think your name is.. LOL.... anyhow lemme hush b4 you start telling girlfriend
G-Baby  *  23-Mar-2015
LOL LOL LG there's no Gbaby on his body it abby so try again
Whineup  *  20-Mar-2015
LG  *  20-Mar-2015
I jus waiting to see them names when he get old and his skin start to Caroline going be Carl, Your Mom going be YO Mon, Gbaby goin look like GO BOY and Zoe may look like We'll see
patriot  *  20-Mar-2015
lol....even de random chick mek it ...
Colours  *  20-Mar-2015
Why he have ALEX tattoo on him? Da better be he name....lololol
Pancake man  *  20-Mar-2015
well i aint see some names on that body
LG  *  20-Mar-2015
Gyul G-Baby.. I jealous of Femme right now you hear.. I going have to change my name back to "Local Gyul From Up De Road" or LGFUDR...LOL
G-Baby  *  20-Mar-2015
LMAO LG killing me tha mean Femme had no rite to leave then caz she is well please LOL.....He cud write d rest in he head
LG  *  20-Mar-2015
Femme you does make me laugh too much...but since you went there...a going just say....if your "long long long" name can fit on the man is
Femme Pouvoir  *  20-Mar-2015
Remember he has names tattooed on his privates too those we can't see so girls don't be too sure you names not there.He is as cute as one of the ministers of govt
High Court  *  19-Mar-2015
He ain't got me name on him so I good. I see me friend , sister, neighbor, and a few other people I know. Lol... He going good
LG  *  19-Mar-2015
lol... It's Alexis, but I'm still questioning the two earrings and the fact that he looks like the she-man that was in the mix up with Barbara's Friend back on Oct I see G-Baby's name too...or is that
Whineup  *  19-Mar-2015
SMS LG I seeing a man name there unless its short for Alexander lolol
Lioness  *  19-Mar-2015
PM like really dude you really need to settle down. This is not a good look at all LOL.
Lioness  *  19-Mar-2015
PM like really dude you really need to settle down. This is not a good look at all LOL.
LG  *  19-Mar-2015
LOL...Whineup....I hear reading dem names upside down and call me farrse (I mean observant) but a reading all the names...I don't want get cuss so a not going say who he look But he must thing he's Gods "Chosen One" better Choose
Whineup  *  19-Mar-2015
Main c me name guess main cross he path....sms
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