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Friday, 10 April, 2015
2 Recommends
Whineup  *  14-Apr-2015
no worries LG...lolol
LG  *  14-Apr-2015
Sorry Whineup.. I know.. I just had to stick a name in
Whineup  *  14-Apr-2015
n fyi am not that ugly nor a red head :(
Whineup  *  14-Apr-2015
mouth open wide iwas in the hospital it wasnt me hahaaaaa, is GBaby house dem at you ain c how well she explains it
LG  *  13-Apr-2015
I just want to know how TMAN can look at the beautiful child (mm.. mm.. of my complextion..clearing my mmm) and name her .... HELLGA TMAN... people be careful what you name your kids... She living up to her name..she doing nothing but What happen to STACY, LAURA, BETHANY,,lawd even Shequanta..? HELLGA Toonman?
Royal  *  13-Apr-2015
Thanks for the turning on the light bulb G-Baby and the wattage upgrade LG
Big Fan  *  13-Apr-2015
Thanks for the clarification G-Bay for I myself was royally confused and I love the way LG broke it down even further.....Thanks gals
G-Baby  *  13-Apr-2015
Lioness  *  13-Apr-2015
How dare yall not invite Hellga to yall sleep over LOL. That's what happened for being naughty, well at least PM got a wife lol.
LG  *  13-Apr-2015
OOOOOh..I see (said the blind man).. thanks G.. So let me repeat back to you for You, Femme & Whineup having sleepover...Didn't invite baby MIxup....Mixup get vex and knock Whineup wid de pillow into Toonman house?...and BAMM!... Toonman gets a A so e go?
G-Baby  *  13-Apr-2015
I think i understand but still dont get the jokes... Ok what i think toonman is trying to say or show is that 3 adults is having a sleep over at one of them house so they started playing pillow fight when one of them lil sis walk in uninvited saw whats going on carry feelings for not getting invited as well so she invited herself started knocking them out like crazy an hit one of them tru d man apartment next door while he's having his lil discussion with the lord telling him what he need.... an there u have it all
LG  *  12-Apr-2015 royally confused as well...i cant figure out if this man is hosting a sleepover to get a wife and end up with a demonic wife or he just need playmates for his outahand child LG just ( in the words of my teenager)....Left Swipe that toon....
Colours  *  11-Apr-2015
I'm confused
Royal  *  11-Apr-2015
Well I confused! Toonman wha dis? Would LG please explain this toon for me?
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