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Everybody Wins
Wednesday, 17 June, 2015
2 Recommends
penaydo  *  13-Jul-2015
LMAO LOL ROFL DWL.... no sa this one really hit me boy.. me abs coming in clean... lol me imagination gone wild
LG  *  19-Jun-2015
@ RH........OKAY SHABBA!
Whineup  *  19-Jun-2015
Rough House  *  19-Jun-2015
Lioness?? LG, Lioness is pulling your leg. Lioness love an experience man, she was just waiting for the opportunity to have me for herself. She's really playing you....LOL
LG  *  19-Jun-2015
She tell me so she self!..Lioness say she would send you back...!!!!... She cannot love a man "Twice her Age"
Rough House  *  18-Jun-2015
LG, you're filled with wishful thinking. Send me back? Trust me, she'll be wondering what crazy lady chased off such a great man.
LG  *  18-Jun-2015
lol You might as well "Love you self" cause she goin send you back!..... You should listen to Penguin Song!.......
Rough House  *  18-Jun-2015
Well if you LG who is my wife isn't loving me, the only thing to do is for me to love myself. Do you prefer your husband love himself, or he loves another woman?
LG  *  18-Jun-2015
Lioness the issue with my marriage to RH is that RH wears a T-Shirt that reads....."I LOVE ME SOME ME"
Rough House  *  18-Jun-2015
Lioness, I'll send LG to your "How to care and love your husband" classes.
screen name  *  17-Jun-2015
Look like she harass the poor man till he ears start to bleed lol
LG  *  17-Jun-2015
Okay Lioness..Let's hear you sing that song when this happens to you..........
Lioness  *  17-Jun-2015
LOL...lawd that poor man. I would never treat my future husband like that LOL.
LG  *  17-Jun-2015
Toonman we already know RH is hard a hearing, but what's going on wid his ear lobes in frame 2?....and a really hope in frame 4 his shirt reads "Currently Single".....
Rough House  *  17-Jun-2015
Sounds like another LG to me. Complains about everything.
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