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Fly Swatter
Wednesday, 15 July, 2015
2 Recommends
LG  *  20-Jul-2015
Mixup you carnt keep working so hard "behind the scenes" lol... Ah have to call you name now and then to bring you out... LOL.. Okay is a good ting me and your fada chile is
Whineup  *  20-Jul-2015
your honor am not guilty
Mixup  *  20-Jul-2015
hmmm a c me name calling in here a bit too much now....LG leave me moda chile alone
CTY  *  17-Jul-2015
Ok, LG. I got you but i didn't know you could whisper. Learn something new everyday.
LG  *  17-Jul-2015
CTY let me clarify that... Whineup and Mixup not flies.. Dey does just bug TM sometimes... Femme tell me so... LOL
LG  *  17-Jul-2015
CTY. I do believe at times Toonman send subliminal messages, but I don't think he would call his Toonman fans... so.. SSHHH.. between you and me... (as I whisper)... A think he tarking to Mixup and Whineup... LOL
CTY  *  16-Jul-2015
LG, I was looking at this toon and wondering if Toonman trying to tell us something. Do you think he's trying to tell us that we're bugging him?
LG  *  16-Jul-2015
Cavelle..De big Kool-Aid grin he had on his face gone He wasn't fraid to muzzle up his family, but he fraid fly.. LG like to say......"LEY HE TEK DAT" LOL... This Karma aint nutten but a "FLY WITH BLUE WINGS"....AND A SWATTER....LOL
Lioness  *  16-Jul-2015
Toonman a beg you no kill me iya LOL.
cavelle  *  15-Jul-2015
@LG girl don't under estimate them they smarter than they look. Me monkey pay back is a 8itch
Rough House  *  15-Jul-2015
Partner, you making us men look bad. A fly got you hiding? WTH???? You're probably a woman who wants to be a man. I've noticed the fly swat your mouth off of your face in the last photo.
LG  *  15-Jul-2015
lol @ Cavelle. Guess you want them to send out the "SWAT TEAM"... LOL
cavelle  *  15-Jul-2015
sumone call the police he just commit attempted murder of a fly oh lawd hit him back is right pay back from the too before..
cavelle  *  15-Jul-2015
you now how long i waiting of this toon
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