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Cons Of An Office Job
Wednesday, 27 January, 2016
2 Recommends
CTDM  *  1-Feb-2016
hahaaa no its not
LG  *  1-Feb-2016
Gyul you name longer than the comment box..LOL
Canttekdemixup aka Mixup  *  1-Feb-2016
LG  *  1-Feb-2016
@Canttekdemixup aka Mixup.... LOL... Oh Lordt!... How do we abbreviated that?... abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz... Oh CAMAKAMIXUP say she large and in charge... Well excuse me... Signing as Local Gyul aka LG aka
Canttekdemixup aka Mixup  *  1-Feb-2016
oh and LG i dont need permission I have the power at the click of my mouse it is I who presides over Toonville i have more power than TM
Canttekdemixup aka Mixup  *  1-Feb-2016
@LG GHQ means Government Head Quarters meaning its been stamp at GHQ but let me rephase this Toonville Head Quarters (THQ) my new initials are CTDM please to address me as such and no body mix me please hidesface dont forget am heavy wait around here eh am the Mayor of Toonville hahahaaa
LG  *  31-Jan-2016
@ Mixup...sorry sorry....GHQ...I thought the monikers we chose was indiative of a personality trait?.........(Local Gyul)..gyul now you warn tark bout you no inna no mixup...but a no you name youself?...a wa de mixup subben you a tark bout now? you warnt to go change name and identity......overruled..request
pancake man  *  31-Jan-2016
lol lol @Mixup, you cant tek the pressure... don't mix wid dem lol (hiding my face)
Mixup  *  29-Jan-2016
when y'all going stop mix Mixup in a nearga/office buzniz i going change me name see (Can't tek de mixup) sign seal and GHQ stamped you check....
pancake man  *  28-Jan-2016
I find that Mixup carrying a lot of feelings.... calm down Mixup, they will refill it soon enough lol
pancake man  *  28-Jan-2016
well well story high... she throwing a lot of shades lol lol
whine Up  *  28-Jan-2016
a nuh how you feel Miss NB with your hands on your hip, it happens at my office too, lolol RH doing LG job
LG  *  28-Jan-2016
Look here 'oman... lol... You very fahwud.... stap have your husband teef de office water fe bring home!... That woman there is a librarian for the way Toonman dress she up... She wig shift is not your friend Ah just put een a Brazilian ...and its LG likes colors... Have to highlight the almond skin!
Lioness  *  28-Jan-2016
LG im about to throw some shade LOL...wha happen to your edges? Receeding headline already well saw LOL
Lioness  *  28-Jan-2016
One thing with LG she always a make noise, well bring you own water then LOL.
Rough House  *  28-Jan-2016
Toonman, should that last sentence read, "And they couldn't replace it" rather than "And the couldn't replace it"?
G-Baby  *  28-Jan-2016
LOL Miss NB main gon tell u is who the change d water with a empty bottle when everybody gone lunch....
Miss NB  *  28-Jan-2016
This is what happening where i work. Don't understand how water could finish so quick... we have all this ac and It worst than if we working in the desert ... 2 big jug and it don't last a day with a staff of less than 20.. Your not even seeing nobody go to it, that what i don't understand...
LG  *  27-Jan-2016
Oh..Look... It's Mixup and Toonman... lol... Not saying who drinking off de water, but it aint Mixup!.. That's enough of a hint...... lol
Hotta  *  27-Jan-2016
i nuh who did is dah one dere taking home de water sms not calling no name
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