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A Failed Attempt
Tuesday, 22 March, 2016
3 Recommends
Granny  *  24-Mar-2016
Well eh eh. (in my old granny voice) Look how de byou (a wa you name) pancake man pass e place. When you come a me yard and a eat up me food you does look for switch? If you don't come wid no juice to power up de switch how a goin tun on? (shaky granny voice) young byou nowadays farwud you hear. Kip out a me yard. no come back. eh eh . farwud no tail
pancake man  *  23-Mar-2016
tell them Jen... she don't have anything to even turn on or off a switch lol lol
pancake man  *  23-Mar-2016
that no me... I don't look cougars lol lol that's not me at all
Hotta  *  23-Mar-2016
hahaaa woiiee
Lioness  *  23-Mar-2016
LMAO! LG seems so for real.
LG  *  23-Mar-2016
Well I thought Miss NB was the "Studious" type next thing I look she breaking out the Whip Cream, handcuffs, and Jello.... (strike the handcuffs)..LOL... and Overseer I haven't figured out yet, but he into Collar bone fetishes....( I going put on me Turtle Necks when I typing)...LOL... They making us look Tame & Timid Lioness.. Girl..You going have to change your name to something milder..(maybe. Cuddly Cub).........LOL
Lioness  *  23-Mar-2016
LOL LG I don't know where all these newbies coming from lol. But they are welcome hahahha
LG  *  23-Mar-2016
Girl Hotta...You have There's a new set of freaky deaky's moving into Toonville...LOL... Miss NB...Whip cream & Jello?... A going to the supermarket right now..LOL
Miss NB  *  23-Mar-2016
Overseer people could put things in the collar bones e.g whip cream & jello to name a few :) get with the programs
Hotta  *  22-Mar-2016
Kiss Me Neck  *  22-Mar-2016
Overseer has a collar bone fetish. ha ha ha ha
Overseer  *  22-Mar-2016
Is it just me or is he taking a real shiner to those collar bones. There is a lot of men out there with fetishes. And women too.
LG  *  22-Mar-2016
LOL @ Lioness...They don't call it "Cross your heart bra" for nothing... I've got them folded, tucked and cross your heart...LOL.. you too fahwud!... A jealous you jealous.....Look I agree with Jen & Miss de book he looking at..LOL.. A trying to teach de young lad a thing or two...LOL..( so long as he over 28)....LOL
LIoness  *  22-Mar-2016
That gotta be LG when she get old lol. LG where you put them? well saw! They neither up there or down there LOL.
Jen  *  22-Mar-2016
Sonny: Woman i was only trying to see what you were really so deep into.
Miss NB  *  22-Mar-2016
who tell her its not her book he was looking at??? Maybe he likes to read and wanted to know if that book is worth the it. We women sometimes does jump to conclusion :p
LG  *  22-Mar-2016
and Hotta why is it PM couldn't ask you for a peep?.........Is it because yours are already Peeping Out... LOL... Lawrd..."Everybody Peeping" time name yourself!
LG  *  22-Mar-2016
Funneee.. Ah ha... That's TM cause he wearing it aint TM then it's Barney!..So she need to sing him this song.. "Do your girls hang low, do the wiggle to and fro, can you tie 'em in a knot, can you tie 'em in a bow"....LG aint reach that stage yet, but thank God for silicone ..if and when a get to that....LOLOLOL
Hotta  *  22-Mar-2016
but really PM you could a ask WhineUp for a lil peep lolol or even LG sms
Hotta  *  22-Mar-2016
hahaaa well me cant see nutten at all
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