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Where Is The Love
Monday, 20 June, 2016
2 Recommends
LG  *  21-Jun-2016
CTDM / Mu......I am best pleased when I'm not confused..LOL... You trying to confuse LG, but you see by now my mind is well good and sharp...LOL...Mr LG does say a should have been detective cause nothing get past me..LOL...(like when you didn't fix my post)..LOL
CTDM  *  21-Jun-2016
cant please you eh LG hehehe
LG  *  21-Jun-2016
@ Mixup... A was going tell Lioness Stop putting TM in she business.. TM is focused on his career right now (as he should be) father baby business will come in due time.. (easy not preaching to your son) what happened to that long no tail new name you had..LOL
Mixup  *  21-Jun-2016
Lioness TM is not a daddy yet
Lioness  *  21-Jun-2016
A lawd look how I forgot to wish TM a Happy Father's Day (I hope he is lol). But yes, let us recognize the fathers that do step up to the plate. Kudos to you. LG yes I agree cause mines get fruits everyday but they still need a lil snack in between especially at school (healthy enough snacks).
LG  *  21-Jun-2016
I wished ALL deserving dads a "Happy Fathers Day"...Happy Fathers Day RH & Since you remind me.. Tip to Fathers... Keep your child/children mother happy and content because that will flow down to your children.. A happy Wife/Mother = A happy child... (Happy Wife..Happy Life)
Rough House  *  21-Jun-2016
LG,, I noticed you didn't wish me Happy Fathers Day. You know I be taking care of our kid.
Hotta  *  21-Jun-2016
he buys what she needs i buy if i feels like, so you see i can buy all de weave nails clothes and shoes i want but am not about that life my babies comes first
LG  *  21-Jun-2016
and Hotta.. Much respect still to the men who don't have "Things" to give, but still spend "Quality" time nurturing their children.... I have faith in our men..(I have to.. I've raised..with help a strong one) they already get a lot of bad rap/ rep from those who do not understand.. We have to be their allies when they try..So.. Kudos to the ones that try!
Hotta  *  21-Jun-2016
ha lol no nail or weave for me am all natural and i would tun Madea on the child she wont dear
LG  *  21-Jun-2016
Hotta..LOL...(word of caution from watching years of Judge Judy).. When you receive Child Support you become a "Fiduciary" for that child... Mine Mine..Hotta.. no spen up de pickney money on weave and nails..You betta kip every receipt.. cause that child can tun round and sue you...(yes that child can tun Chinese and sue you).. and say you squander he/she bout that $25- $30 for snack... Pick fruits and give she for snacks.. and save you money.. ..Now if you had pass LG class you would know that LG keep she Husband/Baby Daddy real close to home..that way she not chasing nobody down for child support and babysitting said!
Hotta  *  21-Jun-2016
Is us as single mothers bearing all de burden, plus the every day stress, some men cant even hold they child for a weekend, and they feel like they giving they all with $75, we have to keep a roof over their heads, feed, clothes, snack and school stuff, $75 a week cannot do all that could barely feed dem, my daughter snacks for school is like $25-$30 a week, blessings to de men who care enough about they child to give more
Hotta  *  21-Jun-2016
lolol nar man LG i just talking in general... i dont wear weave but was just saying... the money they give cant even come near to feeding the child so is both of us money dear them tell me how to spend it once it reach in me hand is dont want me spending your money buy whatever your child needs but you spend more money that way so no prob and guess what i will still be eating your money cause is me and she live and is i cooking so bayyyyyy
LG  *  20-Jun-2016
Hotta i didnt know is CO your baby daddy...look liked you failed LG's class titled....."How NOT to pick a baby daddy course 101" how you "Hot" so why you get burn!!!!!
whine Up  *  20-Jun-2016
true LG member i said some sms
Hotta  *  20-Jun-2016
CO you cant tell me how to spend my money once it reach inna me hand as long as you child well taken care of you nots to see wa i do with the money
choosen one  *  20-Jun-2016
the ladies need to stop spend they child support money on weave
LG  *  20-Jun-2016
WU... The ones that step up to the plate deserves their respect.. So much love and a Happy Fathers Day to all you deserving Dads and those Mothers who are both Mom and Dad all year long...
whine Up  *  20-Jun-2016
wa love he really looking foh when i sure he aint show none all year, some these men just fit to drop dead on Father's Day
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