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I Want to Live in Dubai
Thursday, 21 November, 2013
6 Recommends
68644680  *  8-Jan-2014
i don't get it
nyc  *  30-Nov-2013
WADE & iFlip great sickening need a bull bud still sleeping.
Wade  *  23-Nov-2013
@Sickening, Wow, that's two statements which are completely incorrect. You're on a role
iFlip  *  22-Nov-2013
@NONSENSE: I think Sickening failed maths or they are just confused. I for one enjoy each and every toon art because they are there for our entertainment. TOOOO MUCH POLITICAL MOSQUITOES going around biting everyone.
NONSENSE  *  22-Nov-2013
Sickening, it seems you have a warped mind. There is obviously something wrong with your mind. The cartoon before this dealt with Warner Park and Carnival; the one before speaks to traffic; the one before that is about the International Night of Carnival; the one before that is about the Calypso Tents; the one before that is about the International Night for Carnival, then one about Hot Rod, then one about population in SK then one about child support. How in the world you can say 95% of the cartoons are linked to stuff that happened in the political arena?
Diluted Passport  *  22-Nov-2013
The pictures can't get more 'Hate' than 'Like' when on the SKNVIBEs articles more people disagree with Douglas and his suppoters than agree.
tru dat  *  22-Nov-2013
because SKNVIBES is own by a PAM supporter....nonsense isnt it?
Sickening  *  21-Nov-2013
You should put a ‘LIKE’ and ‘HATE’ option. I bet, most of your pictures will get ‘HATE’
Sickening  *  21-Nov-2013
Why 95% of these pictures, linked to stuff that happened in the political arena?
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