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Know your status part 3....
Wednesday, 5 March, 2014
13 Recommends
Sense  *  12-Mar-2014
Finally a toon that makes sense and really sends a message... I'd like to see more of these! Sparks awareness on what is relevant to society...
Out of Order  *  6-Mar-2014
Just imagine! Although I felt like he was out of order in part 2 and knew that it would turned around on him and was anxiously waiting for part 3 so I can see it, I now feel sorry for him. Me arm! What a thing!
Proud  *  6-Mar-2014
Good job mr cartoonist I am sooo very proud of you. Keep up the good works.......Blessings
Local Gyul  *  6-Mar-2014
@ Bob... Great question. I was curious. You are able to right click, copy and email to friends. Mr. Cartoonist!!!! Please protect your work. (not that ah dont want to share, but your work is priceless) Protect your work.
Peace N Love  *  6-Mar-2014
When an individual is HIV negative, it usually means the person is disease-free. However, there is one exception. Once an HIV infection is established, it takes the body up to six weeks to produce antibodies to the virus. It is possible for an individual to be HIV negative with an active infection if that infection occurred within a few weeks, and the body has not yet produced antibodies.
Femme Pouvoir  *  6-Mar-2014
It is also a sad case when people who are aware of their status and effect others because they are alone ain't gon dead or be pointed on. Or the family that put the jumbie of the young lady who died of aids on the girl who she bite with the man who had love her-best friend bite friend get aids. All in Love and hate
Bob  *  6-Mar-2014
How come the Cartoonist does not sign his work? I hope he and SKN Vibes have copyrighted these productions!
Bond007  *  5-Mar-2014
Thanx to the cartoonist. and to all my fellows on this page, am not sure the idea here is to blame people but instead try to touch them and help them understand the consequences of their behaviors. Please Spread the news and be an HIV/STOPPER, we can Have a better world.
Local Gyul  *  5-Mar-2014
Correction Life!!... Them liking what every woman have does not mean they LOVE every woman! Some a dem lub man too! who knows which one (man or woman) he was lubbing too much!! They like to Swing they Pendulum both ways and end up with all kind of disease!
life  *  5-Mar-2014
men always love every woman day mite day go bare back an i dont no y , wen u wan dem use condom day sayin u ga a next man but u jus a protect u self ......... skn plp need to get tested an live up
Local Gyul  *  5-Mar-2014
Karma bite him in the rear,,,BUTT we still dont want to gloat because he could have been someone we freely gave our cookies to that did the same thing. Just be safer than sorry people
haha  *  5-Mar-2014
Look at him now, some men does well deserve what they get. They always sorry went it is too late...good thing she didn't sleep with move lady
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