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Pot callin' de kettle black
Friday, 7 March, 2014
10 Recommends
shika  *  3-Apr-2014
Frankie LOL  *  15-Mar-2014
She is right! We people have the rights to do whatsoever is right,but we are taking it for granted!
Rhyming Time  *  8-Mar-2014
To the gyul who claim say she local, you quite witty and you quite vocal, dont be too concerned or too delirious, im only having fun and im not that serious.
Mix Up  *  8-Mar-2014
You all be having fun on these cartoons boy. @ Local Gyul i like you you does kill me i know de cartoonist personally.
sweet d  *  7-Mar-2014
local gyul  *  7-Mar-2014
That's. 'Toonheads..not skinhead...this kindle keeps auto correcting...sorry about that..btw..we should have an edit button before we submit!
Local Gyul  *  7-Mar-2014
Oh Lord lol @rhyming time........when you write a Mus rhyme!!! When you out to roam....your hair you must comb!....Don't come to ridicule.....when your head got you looking like a fool!...we are old school bloggers...who don't like trash talkers!!!! ....this site is not for babies....only skinheads and ladies!!!! Lol @ rhyming baby
Rhyming Time  *  7-Mar-2014
You steady worrying ''bout me when you should be worrying 'bout uself, Giving me advice when you uself well need help, Take it light, take it easy,, Look in de mirror and gwan leave me.
Local Gyul  *  7-Mar-2014
He really look like the love child of Mr T and Birdman. Ah hope he didnt pay to get that done. lol
Local Gyul  *  7-Mar-2014
Nice Comeback. lol. He and that girl from the "Bad Hair Day" cartoon mus be a .... Femme dont ask me "A couple of what?" lol...Weedeater.. Nice Mr. Toonman! The lady had a nice
Funny  *  7-Mar-2014
Lol das a good one.
Femme Pouvoir  *  7-Mar-2014
someone had a bad hair day as you can see
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