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Dressed for the occasion
Friday, 14 March, 2014
12 Recommends
Local Gyul  *  17-Mar-2014
Kids Do The Darndest Things... Okay I'm looking at S Roberts birthday post (on Main page)... She's dressed up to enjoy her day but look at the kid in the So there you have it.. Gotta luv our
Mix Up  *  17-Mar-2014
@ Local Gyul her hair makes her look Chinese just saying she going look a Chiny Chick....lolol
Local Gyul  *  17-Mar-2014
@ Mix Up........The Chinese dont sell their weaves in the supermarket. Is Supermarket she say she going!.. So you all going leave my sistah alone! She could dress to the nine whenever she want to! lol.....and to you Ryhming Time.... She not looking for no lame rhyme.....she dress up to have a good time! and you down there Mr. Being honest!...Honestly speaking....Stay in your lane. You outta place!
MixUp  *  17-Mar-2014
Guess she going to a Chinese Supermarket.....lolol
Frankie LOL  *  17-Mar-2014
It has one with what the duck say sorry.
Frankie LOL  *  17-Mar-2014
Local Gyul it has one with what does the fox say! It's really funny like what does the fox say.Big blue eyes........Pointy nose......Chasing mice.........And digging holes ...........Tiny paws.........up the hill...........Suddenly ur standing still.....ur fur is red...........So bueatiful..........Like an angel in disguise.......Ad if u meet a friendly horse will u communicate by...............u continue.
Rhyming Time  *  16-Mar-2014
That special fox is saying come get me / And when you do, i will make sure that you dont forget me.
Local Gyul  *  16-Mar-2014
@ Frankie... Your Answer...........Dog goes woof.......Cat goes meow.....Bird goes tweet...and mouse goes squeek....Cow goes moo.....Frog goes croak.....and the elephant goes toot...Ducks say quack.....and fish go blub....and the seal goes ow ow ow ow ow.....But theres one sound.....That no one knows....What does the fox say?..................... Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! What the fox say?
Frankie LOL  *  16-Mar-2014
What does the fox say! Well I aint supposed to look good? LOL!
being honest  *  15-Mar-2014
I would tap that..
Rhyming Time  *  15-Mar-2014
To you she is mommy / To me she is one foxy lady.
Frankie LOL  *  15-Mar-2014
Similarities! LOL!
dollie  *  15-Mar-2014
U r rite Bond007 and is same way i have a co worker always dressing up to work sometimes u wonder if she going club and when u see her in town she have on the same clothes makeup beauty and no brains
Bond007  *  14-Mar-2014
Looking good where ever they are going is good but, what is the inside, a lot of them look good, dress good but they don't even know how to talk to pple. if the inside doesn't match with the outside, there is no point.
Local Gyul  *  14-Mar-2014
All I know is If you look good and feel good your attitude will be on point to deal with others and she didnt neglect her son. His clothes is on point too!. Just so long she's not the one that dress up to go supermarket and then cant afford to pay and putting things long as she has her priorities straight then I say go for it Sistah. You not dressing wratchety.. you dressing like a lady. So wear what you want to! Your son is impressed. It will leave a positive impact...
Femme Pouvoir  *  14-Mar-2014
Hott,Local Gyul and Sha what you all saying is true but believe me expect the unexpected you never knows. If at least if you can't look dress up make sure you are looking clean and it ain't got to be Rams it should be whenever you step out it could be the shop next door.Boy she look good enuh and even her son is admiring her
Hotty  *  14-Mar-2014
One life to live , always try to look your best, don't spend the rest of your life living like you are the worst, even if you don't have the real thing fake it until it becomes real
Local Gyul  *  14-Mar-2014
I'm going have to plead my 5th Amendment on this one! The last time opportunity came knocking A was in a robe and pink curlers! so not again. He not catching me so! lol... Ladies continue to dress to impress even if you only going to Rams! Toonman you can mek de dress a little longer though!
sha  *  14-Mar-2014
So true some of us like to drees up to go simple places and when time to go out look de same or look no better
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