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Sometimes men keep women waiting too
Friday, 13 June, 2014
10 Recommends
G-Baby  *  16-Jun-2014
Local Gyul  *  16-Jun-2014
Morning G-Baby. I does wonder if some of them don't realize....(how do I put this without being censored) that them walking around doing their chores is a kind of 4-play....nothing is more pleasing to a woman than seeing her man in action getting things done around the house. I would even go as far as to go out and get his brewski!. Some of them don't get it.. @ Tyrone.... Your quick fast and in a hurry is not an appealing selling point!. If you coming to do something. You going do it right! so No Thanks!
G-Baby  *  16-Jun-2014
That's just some man for true unuh u tell them u need something done an it's either later or tomorrow but like LG say there's so much ways a woman can make the man get the job done one time SMS i do LOL
explore  *  16-Jun-2014
ahMeman  *  15-Jun-2014
aryou man, keep wasting time. See if she aint find Somebody else Willing to do IT.
Tyrone  *  15-Jun-2014
Ladies, Anything your man wasting time on...just call me and I'll have in done quick fast and in a hurry! Just call Tyrone!
Mr Music  *  14-Jun-2014
LOL..DE cat killing me
Whineup  *  13-Jun-2014
All the best RT we all wish you well and may you succeed whether you buy rent or sell......
Local Gyul  *  13-Jun-2014
@RT.. Business picking up is a good thing / so congrats and see you sometime in the fall or spring! Take care / Time for me to get outta here.
Rhyming Time  *  13-Jun-2014
@ LG. I will think twice / I will take that advice.
Rhyming Time  *  13-Jun-2014
To everyone, have a good weekend / Don't know when i'm going to see you again / Business is picking up / So bye to all, LG, FP, GB, MU, Cavelle and Whine up.
Whineup  *  13-Jun-2014
Lolol LG
Local Gyul  *  13-Jun-2014
Hey ladies when the hubby fails to do his chore /get three empty bottles and put them by the door.When hubby come home and say whose beer was that / Tell him RT came over to watch the cat chase the rat. Well he may get mad and start to hiss / but watch from now on he will finish that honey do list! Now this may get you in trouble so have a plan B / So mek sure your comeback is RT is married to G-Baby….lol.. and if that don’t please him and his face still frown up / tell him you he came over to help you with Mixup and Whineup!
Local Gyul  *  13-Jun-2014
@ RT. You see why women does tell you they have headache / because of all de chores excuses you all does make. If you all just get the chores done and don't cause strife / You all will realize that a happy wife equals a happy life! So now that LG tell you the secret to her success / Go get the mop, bucket and plunger and clean up that mess!
Rhyming Time  *  13-Jun-2014
@ Whineup. I know LG wouldn't have let it reach to that level, she wouldn't let it reach to that / She woulda put a stopping to it from day one when he was watching the cat and the rat.
Rhyming Time  *  13-Jun-2014
Lol. He'll fix it tomorrow / But what caused her sorrow / Is that when tomorrow came, it was actually today / So for him, tomorrow never came, and "tomorrow" is what he'll alway say / With that, he turned the living room / Into a swimming room.
Local Gyul  *  13-Jun-2014
Yes you guys...Sometimes I think my husband name is..... Gunna.. Cause it's I'm gunna do this, I'm gunna do that and (forget six months) Feels like years later the "Honey Do List" is as long as a roll of toilet paper! but ladies a have a new plan (a don't want call it trick) that seems to be working, so call me up I'll tell you how to get them to do it...LOL...And anybody notice is Tom & Jerry he watching at that? No wonder he own cat threatening to move. That aint de only cat that goin move if he don't do what he's supposed to
MixUp  *  13-Jun-2014
Well wait dey a wa she a stan up pon??? Cause da water well deep, boy this man serious he still saying tomorrow :(
cavelle  *  13-Jun-2014
dis one sweet me..........Jane let me help you bang him strupz he should a drown lol lol................... save the cat
Whineup  *  13-Jun-2014
Mr. Cartoonist you sure you aint give that woman de wrong skin color???? A real black woman wuda never let it reach this far you mad...
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