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We Have All Done This At Some Point....
Monday, 23 June, 2014
4 Recommends
Explore  *  26-Jun-2014
Well Sah  *  25-Jun-2014
nuff people don tell me some stinking lie like the one in this toon. bout dey almost reach town and dey aint even leff dey house in Sandy Point!
Bob  *  25-Jun-2014
Editor: Why does thou alloweth abusive exchanges betwixt Playa and Local Gyul on this blessed Toon site?
Whineup  *  24-Jun-2014
O my.....
Local Gyul  *  24-Jun-2014
No Playedout. I often rise above the drama, but since you fail to RISE ABOVE anything you want come spar wid me, but you're dismissed! GO PLAY WID YOUSELF as you're accustomed to! Maybe part a you body missing so you come begging!!!
Withit  *  24-Jun-2014
Guys, Let's be nice to each other. Can we continue to enjoy the toons and read the comments and smile? This, I think is the whole objective of the toonman. If the summer heat is already getting to some of us, the sea water is there to cool us all off.
Local Gyul  *  24-Jun-2014
You shouldn't be asking for more of what your momma already gave you!
Smiles  *  24-Jun-2014
Local Gyul  *  24-Jun-2014
G-Baby its just a Troll looking noticement! But I'm not the one! You better tell him bout me! I should ignore it, like all Warts it should go away!
G-Baby  *  24-Jun-2014
wha going on here??????
Local Gyul  *  24-Jun-2014
@ PlayedOUT...I use MY mouth to chat, maybe you should borrow a brain to utilize!
Playa  *  24-Jun-2014
Local Gyul chat too much. U on notice vitch!
G-Baby  *  24-Jun-2014
LOL i'm doing gd for now kind of bk an fourth with wuk
Local Gyul  *  24-Jun-2014
Yup! and right now I researching information for clients! LOL. G-Baby and Femme (in my Wendy Williams voice) Howyadoing? or should I say Whatchadoing?
cavelle  *  24-Jun-2014
well we all told a little white lie now and then
rainbow  *  24-Jun-2014
yea who haven't....... i experience two occasions when a fella and i was in KFC and he phone ring and based on the conversation well my man tell the girl he on a bus coming from st. pauls........ i say oh well.........a girl in a super market got a call now she by the cashier paying and me behind her tell de person pon de phone she pon de boat in de bathroom taking the call the cashier watch her like really well i could not stop laugh cause out jump she man off a bus wid a next woman watch a show it was
Whineup  *  24-Jun-2014
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