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Taking Measures
Thursday, 16 October, 2014
15 Recommends
LOVE  *  17-Oct-2014
That's what I am saying nothing will stop the EBOLA if its suppose to be in SK AND NEVIS IT WILL BE because planes are coming in ships are coming in and people are travelling back and fort and we do not know where those people have been or who they came in contact with but we can do our best in taking precautions
LG  *  17-Oct-2014
Pm as you speak there is a Carnival Cruise ship somewhere in the Caribbean with a nurse from the TX hospital quarantined!!! So that's why I said there are names missing off that list!
Pancake man  *  17-Oct-2014
soooooo what about the cruise ships? dont they go in those areas too? I'm only hearing about flights....I love to see that plane, remind me of the movie (cartoon).... Mr you aint see a yellow tape, turn around because you can't enter lol lol Nice one Toonman
Local Gyul  *  17-Oct-2014
This is a Communicable disease, but propaganda is much more infectious without a cure! We still have to take precautions, but there are a few names missing off that plane!
love  *  17-Oct-2014
Liberian I am a citizen of ST KITTS AND NEVIS by investment I have RIGHTS to enter so my access could never be denied GUINEA AND SIERRA LEONE we have our rights too but not by investment we BOUGHT our passport so our access is also NOT DENIED we have rights to ENTER it is very clear on the application MY CITIZENSHIP IS FOR LIFE AND ITS NOT REVOCABLE LET US IN NOW WE ALSO BROUGHT OUR FAMILIES WE HAVE 70 PEOPLE ABOARD AND WE ALL HAVE OUR RIGHTS WE ARE CITIZENS OF BEAUTIFUL ST KITTS AND NEVIS OK ACCESS APPROVED
love  *  17-Oct-2014
Just as how nothing could have stop the CHIKUNGUNYA the same for the EBOLA nothing could stop it so those cute little signs won't work and the first person who got the EBOLA got it in a RIVER in Africa these are just HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE VIRUSES WITH NO CURE and YES its always good to take precautions the signs are funny even the shark oh I mean the plane
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