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Get with The Times
Monday, 27 October, 2014
5 Recommends
LG  *  30-Oct-2014
Pm she don't want her mother's phone but she sporting her mother's hairstyle! bout she a bawl long She better becareful before one a Toonman Shark no jump out she eye! They want fancy phone just to text, kick and whats..whatever! My pocket book not keeping up with their technology! so let she use the old to now my daughter don't get one call on she fancy phone. a text she a text.. so email cud wuk!
Pancake man  *  29-Oct-2014
that look like a hand held TYPE WRITER with an antenna lol lol no way I would of been GRUMPY too lol lol bout lunch bag, a u one like you belly lol lol should of sell her the bag tellig her its food hahahaha bout whatsapp, she done feel bad...thats no friend, rubbing it in like that lol lol lol
Pancake man  *  29-Oct-2014
Naaaar man she no serious that dey, it seems as if TREX want to bring back the dinosaurs from extinction lol lol lol That mother mother kinda heartless, giving that child to go school with that GODZILLA then pass it down to another generation, it's a good thing I didn't had to buy or work for my first phone and it wasn't no TREX or CAVEMAN lol lol
A dat me say  *  28-Oct-2014
These children nowadays well need a big tank of a phone (like in this cartoon) because they can't take care of the expensive iPhone that these idiot parents giving them. De children dem dont value these things, because they're getting them free. Leh de pickey niaga dem go WUK if deh wan expensive phone, cuz nothing EXPENSIVE like de phone dey want.
LG  *  28-Oct-2014
They want the latest gadgets and none of them want to work. When "I" was younger and "I" wanted an "I"-phone!!!... "I" and "I" got a J-O-B! so ley them complain! She get de phone and all she a do is text, text, text, but ask them if they study de "Subjects" in dey TEXT book?
Sazon  *  28-Oct-2014
Its good to have old phones...cause when ya'll expensive phones go bad, ya'll still run back to the same old phone to keep getting ur texts and calls...
jewel  *  27-Oct-2014
That's what the children want these days. I wonder where I can get 3 of those
LG's Daughter  *  27-Oct-2014
Yup, That's my momma! That's what she tried to do! Tried to give me her old cell phone and tell me that I was lucky she didn't give me a pager or a quarter to use a pay phone. Sshh..(she cheap bad, but like to say she frugal)
Rough House  *  27-Oct-2014
LG, by the time she carry around that phone for the week, she should be ready to enter "Ms World Body Buidling Competition"!
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