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Instant Inflation
Friday, 28 November, 2014
11 Recommends
Pancake man  *  1-Dec-2014
LOL take your mind LG, dont let them rip you off like that
LG  *  1-Dec-2014
Toonman.. Did she buy some Male Blouses too (just pulling your legs) Lol.. I think we like the term "Ladies Department ".. but then again some a these men wearing blouse and skirt these days so who knows! , but back to de price thing.. A would say Highway Robbery, but they shipping them in by boat and plane!
busy  *  30-Nov-2014
I could understand store owners but persons who doing it as a side thing does go in stores and charge 5 dollars less like they paying vat and other taxes
LG  *  29-Nov-2014
It comes down to what the individual is willing to pay for the product. Some of these retailers price their products as if the item had its own airline ticket and they want reimbursement! LG could care less what an item cost.. If it's an inferior product LG dont want it!
LOVE  *  28-Nov-2014
king I agree with you may be some do over charge but we have to take in consideration that they have to make a profit they have to buy the ticket pay the hotel may be pay taxi then pay to ship the stuffs then in SK they have to pay custom pay rent for the building light water ect, ect just JUST ME PLEASE don't get mad at me but each store have different price that bag you buy for 25 dollars another store may have it for 50 dollars and they are not[ real] calvin klein MK or DG THEY ARE THE KNOCK OFF but we buy them because we love them
Femme Pouvoir  *  28-Nov-2014
Well well well Black Friday sale in the US just in time for Christmas and carnival . Can't best them then join them
whineup  *  28-Nov-2014
king  *  28-Nov-2014
I agree, some the store owners does over price the goods, but when they have to pay all the taxes at customs dept, they are buying the goods a second time.( they have to pay rent,utility bills and employee)
yep  *  28-Nov-2014
I no this store owner that don't display prices on the clothing and it depends on who comes in the store she will charge different prices. I saw it for myself and was very disturbed by it. But what can we do, there is no price control, so the retailers can price their things as high as they like. Then when persons travel over seas to shop some person will say, we not spending the money in the federation and the economy will not grow.
yep  *  28-Nov-2014
So true and that is why we need price control in St Kitts and Nevis. Sometimes the mark up prices for the store owners are ridiculous. Guess price control is something we need badly.
Just me  *  28-Nov-2014
Oh yes!! Toon-man, you hit the nail on the head with this toon. I used to purchase my clothing from one person in S.K, and I got my Visa and traveled to the us myself. I was appalled by how cheap the clothing are, but it's crazy the prices they are sold for when our store owners put up their stocks. Done with that. I use to buy a no name brand bag for 185.00 ec, and I buy my bags when I travel to the us: Calvin Klein and Kenneth Cole for 25 us, 29.00 us, 30.00 us... Name brand mine. They can charge a little more, but they does over do it. From $3.00 us to $75.00 ec.
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