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Never Keep A Woman Waiting.
Wednesday, 24 December, 2014
6 Recommends
tripod  *  29-Dec-2014
me tinks he had some BOBBSY's wings and stuck on the toilet some place
Femme Pouvoir  *  25-Dec-2014
Well we lucky she ain't turn grey while waiting but it still look as if she already kill him when he went to look another woman so why will she wait un less these are her options and since she deer worrying she aint heard the door rattling because that is the dog and he done gone inside de bedroom. Woman get a life and go hang out is too short and I know for sure it ain't none of them women that blog on this site. Joyeux Noel toute la monde, Feliz Navidad a todo, Merry Christmas everyone
LG  *  24-Dec-2014
RH you ever see me siddung a house dress so? Which department in Victoria Secrets would sell them homely looking clothes dey?. The day I dress and look so would be the day Mr. LG tek he sweet time coming home.. Not LG... LG stands for "Looking Good"
Bottom in the road  *  24-Dec-2014
Late from work, Drunk, Other woman... A Man??? Maybe... I'm just saying because a lot of men these days flex that way undercover
Rough House  *  24-Dec-2014
This is 100% LG!!!
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