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Boundary Changes
Monday, 12 January, 2015
3 Recommends
whineup  *  14-Jan-2015
lololololol, brahahahahaaaaa
LG  *  13-Jan-2015
Whineup it's not every invitation you should respond cause you would have soon found out that it was only you and RH at that then you could "have had your cake and eat it too"!!!!1!
whineup  *  13-Jan-2015
Looks like someone got married up in here i was not invited, hmmmm @ LG aka Mrs RH, i don't like this O, i don't like this one bit....i need my cake, rum fruit cake to be exact :)
LG  *  12-Jan-2015
RH it just kills me how these Politrickians (ALL A DEM) fighting over the PEOPLE'S land just so they can line their pockets to become Richer and Fatter! but one thing matter how much they acquire at our expense they still have to fold they hands cross they belly at the end of their journey!...cause no room in them box.. not even for us to keep our hands at our sides!...CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU!.... THEY NEED TO DO THE PEOPLE WORK LIKE THEY ARE PAID TO!!! Whoosah LG Whoosah!
Rough House  *  12-Jan-2015
LG, I have not time to fight over anything. As far as I see, he can take the entire toilet and whatever he wants along with it except for you LG. Only one thing worth fighting over, that's you LG (Mrs Rough House).
Pancake man  *  12-Jan-2015
Femme I dont really care about the changes, the election need to hurry up and come... We waiting to long....... ANnnyyywwaaaayyyyyys this is not a political Toon City... We like we jokes and mayley lol lol lol
Pancake man  *  12-Jan-2015
lol lol LG i just got to get accustom to it... it new to me.. but i like how it showin all the toons... Need to show the family too lol lol Right Toonman??
LG  *  12-Jan-2015
and PM.. I think I like the new set up... Toon Center broad and center on the home page (like a centerfold) Like the scrolling news headlines too! The Birthday greetings can move to the side till they earn their spot like ToonCenter did!
LG  *  12-Jan-2015
PM a really thought the toon was depicting you and Rough House fighting over who have the longest piece of the toilet way... someone a dem talking a whole lot a SHHH...(Shut your mouth LG)!
Femme Pouvoir  *  12-Jan-2015
What that in the background Mount Liamigua well that mean this is some where near black rocks and harrises. May the best man win but I still believe we need a change in election reform, boundaries and leadership.So for me a lot of things need chsnging.
Pancake man  *  12-Jan-2015
hey Tim you got a pimple in your face , hold on let me call Tim for you lol lol wait pop you own pimple strupessssssssss what you problem be...go in a gym loose that belly and change that dresscode haahhahahahahaha
Pancake man  *  12-Jan-2015
Mr Toonman please tell sknvibes to change back the format to it once were... this one STINKS,... I was like what the heckkkkkkkk...... come on man Not even a warning
Rough House  *  12-Jan-2015
Toonman this is good. I wish you had drawn some houses along with people and animals on the land based on the boundaries Douglas is pulling. He would move hell and hearth to have those boundaries change. Tim better watch out, he'll get run over. LOL
whineup  *  12-Jan-2015
Half a bald head vs bald head....hmmmm wonda who going win? sms
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