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A Word To The Wise
Friday, 20 March, 2015
6 Recommends
G-Baby  *  23-Mar-2015
point taken
us  *  20-Mar-2015
I have a niece whom I think is being abused by her man. I was told by family friends that he beats her and I believe it. I am no blows-bag for no man and my family knows that. Any how a man want show heself and hit me, well, sorry for he eh but me ain't tekking it. A ex of mine did slap me and he was a cop. Well, i tek de government gun and point it at him. he bawl put down the government property. I told him he just touch me mother property. I Told him to get his @#$ out my place. bout he a beg and a say sorry... He beg me no go police station!!! I was going to pull the trigger cause me no like licks tarl..Young girls, speak-up, being in an abusive relationship is not love!!!
LG  *  20-Mar-2015
Ditto RH
Rough House  *  20-Mar-2015
Toonman, it seems like you're on the ball with the recent incident that took place that so many are talking about. Ladies and Men of course, keep your hands to yourself, abuse from both genders should not be tolerated.
Whineup  *  20-Mar-2015
Break the silence ladies....lets all unite #heartbreaking #shameonthesemen SMH
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