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No Breaks
Wednesday, 22 April, 2015
1 Recommend
Whineup  *  24-Apr-2015
lolol LG u and those eyes of yours heheheeeeee
LG  *  23-Apr-2015
..and Sistah prop up you neck properly pan that pillow...cause it's migraine you going get next!... Toonman...put she head on the pillow properly! Draw a Neckroll under she
LG  *  23-Apr-2015
She decided to pay a therapist because the relaxation pills de Dr. gave her made her turn green! @ who sen you.. It's not the kids she need therapy from... it's from de man who have she wukking day and night and not helping she in de house....and de one time he tek she out tarking bout he carnt see she face!!! The woman is stressed.. and sistah!!!.. "You are too blessed to be stressed"...So mek him pay de therapist bill yes...and SLEEP!... lol
Royal  *  23-Apr-2015
Well if she decide to pay therapist just to lie down that is some serious kinda harassment! Maybe she can't even find beach time or any other free time. My deepest sympathy lady. Self preservation is first and foremost or else there wont be a "you" to take care of anyone else.
who sen you  *  23-Apr-2015
Seems like she didn't read the Parenting Manual before to know what to expect
Sp  *  23-Apr-2015
That's me lol
Femme Pouvoir  *  23-Apr-2015
This is a bad situation right here but she still has to pay when she can simple go on the beach or somewhere quiet.What kind of harassment is this
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