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Double Indemnity
Wednesday, 18 September, 2013
9 Recommends
Dougie ah we BOSS  *  20-Sep-2013
I wonder if this double salary came from SIDF money? If so then why only some ppl getting and not everybody? SIDF money is suppose to be for all of us. Anyway Dougie a de boss so if u dont like what he is doing for us then JUS DONT VOTE FOR HIM stop bawling so long
123  *  20-Sep-2013
no hogs allowed  *  19-Sep-2013
Stop complaining, double up douggie!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well Well  *  19-Sep-2013
Everybody who is working for the government did not receive double pay. I can attest to the because I did not!
strupes  *  19-Sep-2013
Strupes.......when private getting holiday pay in december and civil servants dont get any, u all hear any all not working for government....let your private boss give you all double....
Not fair  *  19-Sep-2013
We private works aint get any double salary bout we will have to be paying for de tax increase later , dat not fair at all but den again a de pm from hell we a deal wid , dem jumping up todsay but tomorrow we all a go cry for de more tax we all will have to pay heaven help us all dat way me have to say for now , tax , tax and more tax a go come pon we back .
sonic  *  18-Sep-2013
Chirps is obviously working for a private firm... wha happen u need a napkin to wipe your tears ? LOL!
chirps  *  18-Sep-2013
de civil servants get double for going to at 8;30 instead of 8 then still leave to get breakfast. have you waiting on them while they talk to their friends on the phone and i could go on. plz mr pm increase the minmum wage so that the poor man can go home with something in dey pocket after vat
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