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Waking Up the Neighbourhood
Friday, 10 July, 2015
1 Recommend
CTY  *  14-Jul-2015
I know dat. Lol.
LG  *  14-Jul-2015
Well sorry neighbours and CTY.. lol.. Cause you know the words LG and Quiet don't go together or belong in the same
CTY  *  14-Jul-2015
Ok, LG. Didnt think you were in that group. I meant that you and Mr. LG were going at it.
LG  *  14-Jul-2015
CTY....There's no "BT" at the end of my name...LG not in dem things
Close ToYou  *  13-Jul-2015
LG, that's you? You waking up de neighbourhood. Lol.
Hotta  *  13-Jul-2015
no she's not but come to think of it the one in the bed and the one with the oil have a slight resemblance...hmmmm
Hotta  *  13-Jul-2015
well i was gonna ask if she blind but my keys stick...hahaaaa
G-Baby  *  13-Jul-2015
LOL aite FP LG say u win
LG  *  13-Jul-2015
and furthermore... None of them have an Adams Apple...LOL>>>LOL>>LOL... Femme you right..LOL..G-Baby our girl Femme is spot on..LOL
G-Baby  *  13-Jul-2015
{confuse face} @ hotta.... i know rite caz i wan no way FP see 2 woman a think she need glasses lol
LG  *  13-Jul-2015
lol....I don't know Hotta... Femme had me doing double and triple takes at the one with black hair... Kinda look like the abused teacher and the one with red hair kinda look like the one lost in the things that make you go Hmmmmm! Toonman have some splaining to do!!..LOL
Hotta  *  13-Jul-2015
fem (coverface) thats a man and a woman lolol
Femme Pouvoir  *  10-Jul-2015
Well well these two newly weds just couldn't wait for the same sex law to come into full force to do their thing they so happy that every night they disturb the neighbourhood. That oil that toonman using aint gonna do one think it aint real he only do it so that he can get the 2 ladies attention to be with them
Whineup  *  10-Jul-2015
LG  *  10-Jul-2015
lol @ Lioness... You leave Toonman business unlike you and RH.... Toonman don't need oil!..LOL.. That oil can clearly have your name on it! See.. He holding it backwards.... L I O... you just cant see the N E S S !!! So tark bout me and PM when you have de LG can in your hand.. LOL
Lioness  *  10-Jul-2015
hahahha toonman wex cause he lacking. But seriously PM and LG ya'll need to tone down de noise, act like ya'll accustom no lol.
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