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Stay At Home Dad
Tuesday, 17 November, 2015
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Lioness  *  20-Nov-2015
He right to puke on you. Aryou don't like to listen to us women LOL.
Rough House  *  18-Nov-2015
LG, a done tell you your Toonville frens aren't any good. You put me to mine she child and now she dropping down she wud dem on you and me. I made sure I gave her kid the best baby food money can buy, and to see he threw up that much, means he's use to cheap things. Maybe I should have given him some milk with bread soak in it.
LG  *  18-Nov-2015
Gyul whine-Up a was only trying to do you a favor...A didn't want you whining-Up "All By Yourself"...But since you going leggo you mouth on him like a dat ( you outta place) Just Kip you Pickney and send me back my Toonville husband you hear!...he's a nar go train nobody else....LOL...Now pick up mouth off de grung and come clean up you choile! LOL..
whine Up  *  18-Nov-2015
mouth drop a ground LG that child could never be mind and y would i want a child by your Toonville useless husband, all dem ting you saying bout he eh plus me share so no mix me lolol
LG  *  17-Nov-2015
LOL.......Okay babe....
Rough House  *  17-Nov-2015
LG, you know I won't have an affair when it comes to our marriage. Much less to leave evidence that I went outside our marriage. I am only doing you LG the favor of taking care of the kid until you're finish working. DON'T ASK ME TO MINE NOBODY PICKNEY AGAIN!!!!
LG  *  17-Nov-2015
That child there head bigger than it's whole ah could understand why you put in your claim......but that child have you and whine Up DNA written all over RH, Whine Up and Baby Throw-Up.......(beautiful family).....LOL
Rough House  *  17-Nov-2015
LG, why is it you act like you're not the woman who's at work who told me to watch our kid?
LG  *  17-Nov-2015
All I know is that de poor woman have to be a new mother.... 1) at work ..(maybe reading sknvibes)... 2) Still managing house..3)micro-managing de stay at home lazy one... & a sure when she come home nothing fix to eat... can do better than that.... You deserve every bit of that regurgitated corn meal porridge
Rough House  *  17-Nov-2015
Hotta and Whine Up, I am sure you read the part about waiting til he turns 18. He's gonna get that ars whooped fot all that vomit.
whine Up  *  17-Nov-2015
dat a some serious vomit boy wonder wa RH feed he
Hotta  *  17-Nov-2015
now lok how RH gone and upset de baby...hahaaaa
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