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Christmas Dinner
Friday, 18 December, 2015
2 Recommends
Kimi Kawaiii  *  7-Jan-2016
LG  *  21-Dec-2015
LOL.LOL. Pancake Man... RH say you eating your own Biscuit.. LOL
Rough House  *  21-Dec-2015
LG, I didn't teef PM pig. Biscuit always over at our place, and because he saw me put on the pot of boiling water he figured it's for him to take a hot bath. Toonman only show this instant, what about when I took Biscuit out of the pot numerous times that day? Well since he think the pot is for a hot bath after being taken out so many times, let him boil. PM will eat and won't even know where the pork came from....LOL.
whine Up  *  19-Dec-2015
woiee e tweet me
LG  *  19-Dec-2015
RH....a didnt realise when a tell you "a want a piece a pork for me Christmas"...that you was planning on teefing PM raw pig!!!....a dont want no raw pork...leave PM Biscuit alone mine you!!!!!
Rough House  *  18-Dec-2015
LG, that's the same pig stew I'll be bringing home for you to enjoy. Wait, Biscuit look like a pig I know. LG, isn't Biscuit Pancake Man's pig? I wonder if PM will miss him?
LG  *  18-Dec-2015
Femme... Well back in the day you could sense when people planning for you, but these kids these days so vain & feel entitled that they don't sense danger... Biscuit is a slow learner!.. You don't see how Toon-man the "Farmer fatten him up for the feast"... Hmmm!...and then he RH ready wid his pot
Femme Pouvoir  *  18-Dec-2015
Biscuit again but last year he was in trouble too. Toonsman remind us again please.Who cant hear gonna feel but he enjoying de spa for now until the spa turn him to souse.
sweet hand woman  *  18-Dec-2015
lololol love this best one yet
Mixup  *  18-Dec-2015
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